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I have a 1997 Grand Am Gt and as of 2 days ago the car was towed home and parked. Went through the same thing a year ago with the theft system causing my car not to start. You can try the 10 minutes on and off thing 3 times but it doesn't work. The only option is making Pontiac more richer. In my case, I'm ready to torch the darn car, I have dumped way to much money in it to have it leave me stranded on a yearly basis.

You could try finding an acc. fuse for the system whether in the fuse block or in line. The alarm runs through the ignition and the brake pedal.

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โˆ™ 2010-12-06 16:50:25
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Q: How do I disconnect disable deactiviate and bypass anti theft system on Pontiac Grand Am 1997 which is cranking and is being kept from starting because anti theft system is shuting off fuel to engine?
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