How cj can drink beer in ps2?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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CJ can drink cans of Sprunk from machines in GTA San Andreas, but otherwise he can only drink beer when he is on a date with a girlfriend in a bar, which is shown in a cut scene. He does not get drunk like Niko does in GTA IV.

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Q: How cj can drink beer in ps2?
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In San Andreas can cj drink?

if you mean by drinking beer,then no,only when you take a grilfreind to the bar.

How cj can drink in PS2?

you first go to the ten green bottles in ganton down the street from grove st. then you'll see a vending machine

What is the mod to unlock super cj on Grand Theft Auto san Andreas ps2?

wats mode unloke super cj in the gta san andreas au ps2

How do you get skins for CJ on San Andreas ps2?

Sorry, you can't.

Can cj do drugs in san Andreas for ps2?

No he doesn't like them

Can cj fly in San Andreas on ps2?

yes press kangaroo

What did explorers drink?

Beer beer beer

Can you drink beer on private property in Michigan?

Yes, you can drink your beer on private property, if you can legally drink beer to begin with.

How cj can do GTAsa skateboard in GTAsa for ps2?

Go To hope this does the trick!

How can cj get a nuke in gta sa ps2?

you need cleo mod and a cheat for it

The cheat to cj dances gta sa ps2?

no cheat go in and dance :)

How do you make cj melt on gta san angreas ps2?

You can't, its a modification