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you can use a mod from

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Q: How can you turn off the car's engine in gta san Andreas?
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How do you fly on GTASan Andreas on xbox?

You can't fly in gta san Andreas on xbox. You can make cars fly in gta san Andreas with a cheat

How do you get fast and furious cars in gta san Andreas?

i do not

How can you turn off the cars engine in gta sanandreas?

By getting out of the car. Otherwise, it stays on.

Can you get an Aston Martin in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

yes you can if you download a mod/add on for GTA San Andreas that replaces one of the cars that are shipped with GTA San Andreas. the most simple way of finding these is to type into a popular search engine "GTA SA MODS" you should get lots of different websites offering differenty mods/add ons for GTA San Andreas. i hope this has helped you.

What is the cheat engine in gta san Andreas?


Unlockables on GTA San Andreas?

you can do missions, or do r3 missions in cars

Where can you find a lambo in GTAsan andreas?

All of GTA cars that have been made are just GTA cars. There isn't any real life cars, unless you MOD them.

How do you get a Mitsubishi lancer on San Andreas?

You cannot get real cars in gta san Andreas , you need to mod your game

What is a turisimo on San Andreas gta?

its one of the fastet cars in san andreas,you can mostly find them in las venturas

What can you turn into on the game GTA San Andreas on PS2?


How do you get sports cars in gta san Andreas?

Drive around and find one

How do you get real cars in gta San Andreas ps2?

You have to go to heaven by farting