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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V will look much better on PS4 than on PS3 as revealed by the released trailer.

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Q: Grand Theft Auto V will be more beautiful on PS4 than PS3?
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What is more popular Grand Theft Auto or fifa?

Probably Grand Theft Auto.

Which game has more foul language Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto IV?

grand theft auto 4 cause i have both and niko on GRAND THEFT AUTO IV hed say fark off scum if hed like punch some 1 so niko by far

Is saint row better than Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto is more Free ROM than Saint Row, also Saint Row is more inappropriate.

Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto IV better for the PC?

Gta Iv Simply Cos There Is More Things To Do And The Graphics Are Very Good

Which is the latest Grand Theft Auto game?

grand theft auto 4 is the latest game in the series, however, many people including myself think that grand theft auto san Andreas was the best game in the series. there is more things to do like gang terratory, parachuting, and much much more.

Is Grand Theft Auto better than Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4?

yes it is. the graphics are better than gta san Andreas and you can do way more stuff than gta 4. the story is short, but there are drug wars.

How do you get real and more advanced cars in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The only way to get the cool, more advanced, and real cars in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is to download a mod.

Will there be a Grand Theft Auto 5 next year?

they might make grand theft auto 5 and i heard it was going to be al gta games in one with more missions but idk if they will do it that way

Which video game of Grand Theft Auto has the most land?

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of hte most popular video games of all time spurring more versions. The San Andreas version of the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto has the most land throughout the game.

Which is more fun Grand Theft Auto iv or Grand Theft Auto eflc?

Clearly GTA EFLC because 1) it has GTA IV 2) also has 2 others GTA:TLAD and GTA:TBOGT

Which one is better Grand Theft Auto Liberty City or Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

GTA Vice City because there is more cheats like flying cars and pink cars!

Are there going to be more Grand Theft Auto games?

Yes if they been getting good reviews whey would they stop they also been doing grand theft auto since 1997-2010