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there are a lot of cheats so if u chose a specific 1 people can help u

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There are no cheats. but you can get weapons by killing the police

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Q: Cheats of gta spider city ps2?
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Spider city ps2 cheat?

chip gta ps2 spider city#

Cheats for gts vise city stories PS2?

gta vise city storeys cheats

How do you enter cheats in Ps2 GTA Vice city?

You enter the cheats by the combinations of triangle-square and the other buttons available.You can Google for the cheats in PS2.

Are there cheats for Grand Theft Auto vice city story's ps2?

Yes there are cheats for GTA Vice City stories.

How do you get Gta Vice City Spider-Man Mod cheat code ps2?


How do you put cheats in spider-man3 for ps2?

there is no place to and there are no cheats there lies

What the cheat gta spider city ps2?

There is no cheat to do such a thing. You can only have a skin of spider man in the game and use it. Download it from a website which provide skins.

List all gta san Andreas ps2 cheats?

Cheats for gta san for ps2?

Well there is quite a few, go to for all the cheats.

How do to delete cheats in gta vice city on ps2?

Most cheats in any of the Grand Theft Auto games can't be turned off. You will have to start a new save.

Cheats for gta san andreas ps2 BMW?

bmw m6

How many GTAwas there for ps2?

There was 5 gta games released for the PS2. They were gta 3, gta vice city, gta San Andreas, Liberty City stories and Vice City stories.