Cheat code for CJ to smoke blunt?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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For Cj to smoke a blunt, it would be a mod and not a cheat.

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Q: Cheat code for CJ to smoke blunt?
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What is the flying cj cheat for GTA?

There is no such cheat. If you want to make CJ fly, you have to use mods, which are illegal..

What is the cheat to turn cj white in gta San Andreas?

cj white

How can you kill cj?

Make him look at your mom and put the cheat code suicide so he can succesfully die looking at you're mom. :( $(

The cheat to cj dances gta sa ps2?

no cheat go in and dance :)

Is there a cheat that there can be zombies in gta sa or is there a cheat that cj can be turn into leon?'s a mod.

Whats the cheat to make CJ naked in GTA san andreas ps2?

There not a cheat for it

Who is Big Smoke?

big smoke is cj's cousin from gta san andreas.

How do you get cj to smoke in GTAsanandraes?

You cant realy smoke ok unless you get a mod

GTAthe cheat where cj can fly?

if you want cj to fly type this in on google grand theft auto sanandreas or gta sanandreas cheats and the cheat is called jetpack

Can you change CJ into Candy Suxxx on GTA san Andreas?

No, that's ridiculious. If you wants to use candy suxxx, Enter the cheat code: desperate lol :)

What is the cheat code for vegeta on gta san Andreas?

there is no cheat code for that. Maybe if you mod the game you could play as vegeta. I used a cleo mod for changing Cj for Ezio Auditore of Assasins Creed 2.

What cheat is cj can fly?

L1 ri x x