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Q: Can you get a job as a police on Grand Theft Auto 4?
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How do you get a job in Grand Theft Auto 4?

yes you can!

How do you get a job in Grand Theft Auto Vice City in pc?

there is no way to job in gta vice city

How do you get a job when you comlete 53 percent of Grand Theft Auto 3?

i must do the missions and complete them to get a percentage

Can you join the police in Grand Theft Auto 4?

No you can't , the only real job you can do is taxi driving for your cousin but you cant do that for long either . BUT you can steal a cop car and search for criminals on your own by accessing the police computer in the car

Can you get a job or do taxi missions on Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City for ps3?

no you can not but their is other stuff to do in the game

How do you get a job on Grand Theft Auto IV?

Most jobs are unlocked after beating the career or beating a certain amount of missions. But you will unlock them eventually

How do you persuade your parents to get you Grand Theft Auto 4?

It will be easier to buy it yourself. Just beg them for money and do chores if you are too young to get a job

What development studios and personalities have been the driving force behind the Grand Theft Auto series?

im trying to find this myself (the job is mine)

Where to get a job on Grand Theft Auto vice city?

In the begining you have to go to a safe house. on the road there will be a red mark you will walk in and go inside and go to the red marker again. aFTER THAT L will appear on the screen that is it thank you.

How do you get a girl in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

drive up to a girl and hook your might get rejected but if you didnt she will get into your car and give you a ''blow job''(sometimes doesnt work, try differnet girls)

How will video games affect your brain?

It depends on what type of game I will use the video game "Grand Theft Auto" as a reference In Grand Theft Auto it is your job to cause murder and mayhem and you get rewards for that behavior, that teaches people that killing people, car jacking people, and robbery is ok and will get them rewards, but if they play the video game "The Sims" it doesn't teach them anything really, because in The Sims it is your job to take care of virtual and fictional people, so it all depends on the game that they play.

Can you mod cars in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

On the PC platform, the only car you can modify, i.e. paint job, rims, nitro, sound system, are the low riders and that can only be done after you complete certain missions.

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