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Q: Can you change your skin on Grand Theft Auto on the ps2?
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How do you change skin color in Grand Theft Auto four?

Try to modify it.

What attachments on the guns can you get on grand theft auto 4?

You can't. Unless you get a custom skin (mod) for the PC version.

What is the cheat for hit man skin on grand theft auto San Andreas for xbox?

Only on the PC is a mod, but not on the xbox

Where is the Thompson gun on Grand Theft Auto SA for ps2?

in gta sanandreas(ps2) are not a Thompson . its a skin for mp5 on PC

How can vegeta be on Grand Theft Auto?

gta 3 download skin gta vc download skin and gta san anderas get cleo and download skin selector and downlaod him

How Do you Get a Master Chief Skin on Grand Theft Auto 3?

You suck a black hairy dick/toe and then it will be installed on your computer. Thank you.

Is there going to be a Grand Theft Auto 5 vice city?

is there going to be another gta game and if there is what color of skin well he be what city and when is the date of the game

What the button to skin selector in Grand Theft Auto sa in ps2?

really i dont think there is.... good try though.... Gta Pc or Mac is only able to use skin selecting... but with mods

How do you get a plain in Grand Theft Auto 4?

You can't . The only aircraft in the games are anhilators and mavericks. If you mod a helicopter and give it the skin of an airplane it will look like one but still operate like a helicopter

How do you get a ghost rider skin in Grand Theft Auto sa for ps2?

You would need a mod for something like this. Have a look at the following site to see if they can help

Does anyone have a crip skin mod for Grand Theft Auto sa PC with a bandana?

Might be worth trying this site to see if they can give you any more information: › ... › GTA San Andreas › Skins & Clothes

How could you get Batman on gta sa?

A "Batman" skin or object does not exist within the native Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas code, however, it would be possible to modify the PC version of the game to insert your own Batman skin into the game. This has been done by a few modders, and their mods are freely available from the internet.

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