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Q: Can I run Grand Theft Auto IV with the lowest graphical settings on my Windows 7 Home Premium PC with AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M520 processors with all other system requirements for the game?
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Will ARMA 2 get highest graphical settings with XFX Radeon 6770?

I Believe it will run at a decent level for graphical settings if not you can always turn them down a tad

How much usage does runescape use daily?

This depends entirely on how long you play it, and the graphical settings. The more you play it at higher graphical settings, the more Internet usage it will use up.

Why does my computer lag when playing a game?

This means you need a better computer, or you need to turn down the graphical settings.

How do you play spore with pixel shader 1.4?

You cannot. With the things the graphical settings set to low(and then its not very good)

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Ram, free memory, if it is compressed, if it is defregmeted lately, what operating of system, what battery settings you have, your internet connection, the temp. of CPU and the processors.

What is a graphical utility suitable for migrating user settings and files from one computer at a time?

windows easy transfer

Should you get Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC?

I really recommend it" it's a VERY good game i have it on the PC and ps3 but if you want to get it on PC you need to have a powerful one to know if this game works on your PC or not. There are minimum requirements and recommended requirements if your PC have the minimum requirements you can run it but not on max settings and if you have the recommended requirements you can run it on max settings.

What kind of information can be found at the website TweakGuides?

The TweakGuides website has information on how to tweak computer applications and video games for the best performance. Some examples of tweaks include GUI (graphical user interface) settings and command line settings which cannot be seen in the interface.

How to get rid of lag in diablo 3?

By lag you mean internet lag? Or graphical lag?If you mean internet lag, then the only thing you can do is to make sure no downloads are running while playing the game.If you mean graphical lag, you can try lowering the settings or closing background applications like the anti-virus.

How do you make a graphics card better?

change its settings to either quality or performance, increase or decrease screen size, decrease graphical quality of games, get more ram, get updates, get hardware

What do you do if your computer wont play a game?

Turn down the graphical settings, close other programs, maybe look at getting an upgrade on your hardware. Most logical conclusion would be that your hardware is not compatible with the game.

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