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It does not give you anything extra in the actual game but it helps you to understand the storyline.

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Q: Arethere any benafets of playing kotor before you play kotor 2?
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Do you need kotor 1 to run kotor 2?

No you don't need KotOR I to run KotOR II.

Where do you get the droid in kotor?

In the droid shop on Tatooine, before the gates to the Dune Sea. ;)

What is Kotor's population?

The population of Kotor is 5,341.

What kind of video game is KOTOR 3?

Kotor 3 stands for Knights of the Old Republic. It is a single player role playing game based on the Star Wars franchise, however its production has been cancelled.

Why won't kotor 1 and kotor 2 work on my PC?

you have got vista and kotor dosent work for vista hope this helped

Is Darth revan in kotor 2?

Yes and No. You encounter him on Korriban in the mysterious tomb but he is nothing more than a vision

When was Kotor created?

KOTOR, or Knights of the Old Republic, was created in 2003.

Are they making a kotor 3?

No, Bioware cancelled KOTOR 3 to make Old Republic which will resolve all loose ends from the KOTOR series.

What is the area of Kotor Varoš?

The area of Kotor Varoš is 560 square kilometers.

When did Gulf of Kotor Mutiny happen?

Gulf of Kotor Mutiny happened in 1918.

Is kotor 3 comin out foe the 360?

I doubt there is gonna be a KOTOR III

What is the population of Kotor?

The population density of Kotor is 68 people per square kilometer.