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Q: Are there cheat codes to unlock all the planes?
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How do you unlock planes in pilot academy?

There is not a cheat to unlock all of the planes in Pilot Academy. The only way o unlock the planes is to complete the missions.

What are all of the cheat codes for black ops?

What cheat codes 3 ark unlock is not really a cheat code neither is DOA

Is there a cheat code to unlock all cheat codes in bad boys Miami takedown for ps2?

there are always cheat codes for anything. check google

How do you unlock all songs on rockband?

cheat codes or play them all in the tour mode

What is the cheat code to unlock all songs on rock band 1?

You can find all the cheat codes you need at

What are the cheat codes for unreal flash 2007?

to unlock all of the levels you type in imtolousy.

How do you unlock all the cheats on transformers the game?

If you write in google transformers cheat codes you can find all of them.

How do you unlock all objects on sims 2 pets ps2?

Use cheat codes online

How do you unlock with cheat codes all weapons in commando 2 on miniclip?

You haw to look on computer!

What are some cheat codes for smackdown vs raw 2009?

All I know are PS2 SVR 2009 cheat codes, here they are. Unlock Zack & Curt: ZackRyderCurtHawkinsTagTeam Unlock Ric Flair: Wooooooooooooooooooo! Unlock CM Punk's Alternate Costume: CMPunkAltCostume

Cheat codes for zwinky to unlock wardrobe?

the all u have to do is give some one your pass then u have a code to unlock wardrobe

Is there a cheat code to unlock all cheat codes for svr2009?

no, you have to find them sepratly. you have to find each 1 at a time, because there isn't one for all of them

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