Are items purchased at amazon new?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Raquel- I deleted your posting due to personal information that was on there- you REALLY do not want that on the internet. Items purchased through may be new or used. You have to read the ad to tell which is which. If items are used, they should specify used. I have purchased both new and used items there. Did you look at the customer satisfaction rating for the seller you bought from? If it was a high rating, it is likely you will have a good experience.

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Q: Are items purchased at amazon new?
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Where could a Samson juicer be purchased?

A Samson juicer can be purchased from Amazon where they are available to buy for $229. One can also purchase such items from Amazon Marketplace and eBay.

If you order from Amazon does the receipt show Amazon order or does it show what i ordered from Amazon?

Amazon receipts usually display both the items purchased and the order details, but the specific information shown can vary. Your receipt should generally include the items you purchased as well as the cost breakdown, payment method, and delivery information.

Where can you purchase Hoover hand vacs?

Hoover hand vacs can be purchased from Amazon fairly cheaply. Walmart and Best Buy also have Hover hand vacs available. Second hand items can be purchased from eBay, but there is no real advantage in this as they are not expensive when purchased new.

Where can you purchased new palm phones?

Amazon or ebay

How had to put that in On amazon if you select an item that accepts prime but buy it from another seller of that item will prime still work?

If an item is purchased from a site other than Amazon it does not qualify for Amazon Prime even if that item is found on Amazon Prime. Only items purchased through Amazon are eligible for use with Amazon Prime.

What is an eames rocker and where can it be purchased?

An eames rocker is a rocking chair, and it can be purchased from the online retail store called Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of items and there's a section of furniture, which may be selling this type of chair.

Where can I buy a pc power supply cable?

A PC power supply cable can be purchased online from Amazon where there are many such items available to buy. They can also be found used or new on eBay.

Where can panel displays be purchased?

Panel displays can be purchased from websites such as Amazon and Overstock. Alternatively, you can also purchase these items from auction websites such as eBay and classifieds such as Craigslist.

What could one purchase at Fredericks of Hollywood?

Fredericks of Hollywood items can be purchased at the official Fredericks of Hollywood website and stores. It can also be purchased on eBay and Amazon.

Where can you purchase a used TomTom navigation system?

A TomTom navigation system can be purchased new or used on a site such as Amazon. The site will have items for sale that are difficult to find, included used navigation systems.

Where can gift items be bought online?

There are hundreds of potential gift items that can be purchased online from Amazon. One could purchase music, gift baskets, books or electronics from them.

Is Amazon second hand?

Most items on Amazon are sold as new, but some sellers do sell used items. They are clearly marked when they are. Books and movies commonly have both new and used options.