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no you have to finish it manually

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โˆ™ 2011-02-12 11:17:57
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Q: Is There A Cheat to Complete Gta Lcs?
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Gta lcs helicopter cheat?

there is no cheat for a psp

GTA lcs psp helicopter cheat?

i want to get heli in lcs

What is better GTA vcs or GTA lcs?

GTA LCS because the cars and vechiels have reflections but gta vcs doesn't and gta lcs has more weapons and more cars styles but it has nvw cheat nvw cheat=never wanted but the most favorited game is gta lcs

What is gta lcs helicopter cheat?

it does it is l1r1l1r1xooooox

How do you get helicopter on gta lcs for psp?

enter the cheat

Helicopter cheat for GTA lcs ps2?

there is none that cheat is a lie stupid

GTA lcs cars fly cheat?

there isn't one...

What is GTA LCS cheat device by Edison Carter?

I have no clue

Is there a way to beat the game using a cheat on gta lcs?


Is there a jetpack cheat on GTA lcs?

Try to mod the game.

Cheat to ulock a angel in gta lcs in psp?

Complete the mission frighteners in Portland to unlock the avenging angels costume.

What is a cheat of getting a helicopter in gta lcs psp?

you just donload the cheat device

What is the cheat to get a hunter in Grand Theft Auto lcs ps2?

there is no cheat for the hunter helicopter in gta lcs you can get it after passing the final mission at the airport

Where to get the police helicopter in gta lcs?

You cant without the cheat device.

How do you use GTA LCS cheat device?

you have to hack the game on your computer

Flyingcar cheat for psp GTA lcs free?

no i mean yes

How do you cheat a codebreaker cheat in GTA LCS?

mhal ko ang aking am t in pukekekekkekekekekekeekekekkekekkekekekkekekekeekekkekekekkewke

Can you never die in gta lcs psp?

If your thinking of the cheat there is no cheat I know of try searching it

Gta Liberty City stories psp heli cheat?

there is no heli cheat in gra lcs.

How do you fly a car on GTA LCS PSP?

by activating the cheat "COME FLY WITH ME"

What is the cheat to unlock the bridge in shoreside vale in gta lcs psp?

You Cant???????????

How do you get a heli in gta lcs?

you cant cheat a helicopter you could only find it on airports

Is there a cheat for slower clock on gta lcs?

left,up,down,triangle right

Where to find a hunter in gta lcs?

Download a game save or use the cheat device.

What is the helicopter cheat for gta lcs on ps2?

you have to go on the mission folse idols on shaunton or use cheat device