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can not deactivate it

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โˆ™ 2010-11-14 17:30:40
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Q: How do you deactivate guys follow you on gta vcs?
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Is Grand Theft Auto lcs better than Grand Theft Auto vcs?

in gta lcs you can't swim but in gta vcs you can swim and in gta lcs the missions are quite easier but in gta vcs there are more challenging missions and harder in gta vcs the weapons are so cool.

What is the cheat for a jetpack on GTAvcs?

There is no jetpack cheat for gta vcs, in fact, its impossible to get a jetpack on gta vcs =D

How do you get nitrous on gta vcs?

You cant.

How do you get zombies in gta vcs?

it is a mod.

How much is the GTA vcs?

Around $20.

Is there multiplayer for gta vcs on ps2?

No, but there is for PSP

What is the jetpack cheat for gta vcs psp?

There isn't one but there is one in sa but none in vcs

Flying cheat in Grand Theft Auto vcs psp?

no there is no flying cheat for gta vcs

What the fasted bike on gta vcs?


What is sunshine autos in gta vcs?


Where is the bulldozer on gta vcs psp?

In the construction yard. :)

Where is the lighthouse on gta vcs psp?

In ocean beach

Get a cheat for helicopter on gta vcs for psp?

is no cheat

Is there a school bus cheat code for gta vcs?

no there is not

What is better GTA vcs or GTA lcs?

GTA LCS because the cars and vechiels have reflections but gta vcs doesn't and gta lcs has more weapons and more cars styles but it has nvw cheat nvw cheat=never wanted but the most favorited game is gta lcs

Where can you find the street fighter in gta vcs?

downtown district

What does extra health do on gta vcs?

It gives you extra health.

Is there a jetpack in gta vcs?

Not that know of without modding the game.

What is the code to mendeze's safe on gta vcs?

I think it is 8423.

What is the fastest car in gta vcs?

I would say the cheetah.

Where do you get a boxville car in gta vcs?


How do you run fast at gta vcs for psp?

Hold x

What is the super man cheat code for gta vcs?

There is none.

Is the stinger in gta vcs misson conduct unbecoming special?


What is the difference from GTA vcs greatest hitts psp to GTA vcs psp?

They are the same. The only difference is that one says greatest hits and it's price is now 20 dollars.