When will they make gta 5?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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hehe we have been making it since 2005 its getting released before may 2012

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Q: When will they make gta 5?
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Will they make a gta 5?

They probably will, and I think they are working on it already.

Can you get only GTA online and not GTA 5?

no... gta online is a feature within gta 5, not a standalone game.

When is GTA v coming for PC?

GTA 5 will be released on PC on January 27, 2015. The release date is postponed because Rockstar Games wanted to make the HD remastered edition of GTA 5 on consoles.

is gta 4 better then gta 5?

Yes, You Can Download GTA 5 For Pc For Free

Is there going to be a gta 5?

Yes, GTA 5 was released in 2013.

Is there a new GTA?

yeah there is new gta the new gta is gta 5 search it at bing and there another new gta the new gta is gta sahra

When will gta 5 come out?

If you can see gta 5 did not come out in 2011 so gta 5 will either come out in 2012 or 2013 in christmas time.

What game is better GTA sanandreas or GTA 5?

its up to personal opinion but GTA 5 is newer and i personally like it better

When does GTA 5 come out?

GTA 5 was released in late 2013.

Will there be a Grand Theft Auto 6?

Maybe but lets not focus on that now. GTA 5 hasn't been released yet, so its best for wait for the game to be fully released and then talk about GTA 6. That is if Rockstar is planning to make more of them So far they made 9 GTA's and soon to be 10th for GTA 5.

How much did it cost to make GTA 5?

Around 265 Mil, but they have made quadruple that in sales!!

Is GTA 5 canceled?

No, GTA V was not cancelled, it was released in 2013.