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simply gta/gta1

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โˆ™ 2011-02-21 23:05:35
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Q: When was the first gta game released?
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How old is GTA?

The first GTA game: Grand Theft Auto, (by Rockstar) was released in 1997.

Where can you download GTA7 game for free?

There is no GTA 7..released yet...the latest GTA is GTA chill out..

Is GTA 4 the same as GTA 3?

No, definatelly not. GTA 3 is kinda old, it was released in 2001. After this, they released GTA VICE CITY (2002) and GTA SAN ANDREAS (2004). GTA 4 is a new game, released in 2008. It's much modern than GTA 3. GTA 3 is only 2 cd's for the game (pc version), yet GTA 4 is 4 dvd's. That give an idea of how different the graphics and everything is.

When was GTAinvented?

on october 1997 the first gta was released

When will gta 5 be released?

It will be released in Fall of 2010. I read in game-informer that it comes out in 2012

Will the game GTA5 be released on PC?

Yes, GTA V was released on PC mid 2015.

How do you get first mission in gta 4?

just start the game

When did the first Grand Theft Auto -game release?

What do you mean, the very first GTA? I think in like 1991 the very first GTA came out (from what i can remember)

Is GTASan Andreas for PS2?

GTA [ Grand Thieft Alto ] is a video game , first it was for the PC so it is not specially for ps2 but when ps2 released the new GTA game was made for it [ in that time it released in ] and now it will stay like that , GTA IV will not be on ps2 , it will be on ps3 and so on the newest one in the future it will be for ps4 , 5 , 6 ..etc. But it first made for the PC .. and the best one until now is the PC one !

How long has the Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto been out?

The first GTA game by Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto, was released in 1997.

Is there a GTA for the wi?

No there is not a GTA game on a wii.

When i will get the first mission in gta Liberty City PC game?


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