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Q: When does the new Grand Theft Auto come out?
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Is grand theft auto 6?

there is no grand theft auto 6 and the new one is grand theft auto 5 :P

Is ther a new Grand Theft Auto?

the new grand theft auto is the ballad of gay tony on Xbox 360

Will the new grand theft auto iv come on playstaion 2?

i don't think it is

What is going to be he the name of the new Grand Theft Auto?

The newest Grand Theft Auto is confirmed to be called GTA 5.

How do you get no friction on Grand Theft Auto?

get a new game

How do you play two players on the new Grand Theft Auto?

i only know about gta4 you can only play multiplayer in grand theft auto 4

Can you have a wife on Grand Theft Auto?

Although some of the new versions of the game let you have a girl friend but it is not possible to marry in Grand Theft Auto.

What will the next Grand Theft Auto be?

The newest GTA is Grand Theft Auto IV Complete released on October 26 2010 which will include the new SKU packs The lost and the damned and also The ballad of gay Tony and sell for $40the newest grand theft auto is Grand theft auto IV the LOST AND DAMMED

Is Grand Theft Auto the triology pack games same as the single edition games?

Yes GTA the Trilogy includes the same games Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto - Vice City, & Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas and amazon has it new for the PS2 at $19.99 on April 2 2012

How much is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for ps2?

Amazon sells Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $18.99 new or $19.99 for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy including Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas

Which is the most comprehensive release for the new Grand Theft Auto auto game?

The most comprehensive release for the new GTA game is Grand Theft Auto 5. This is because, Rockstar is pushing the scope of GTA in so many new areas.

Will there be a new Grand Theft Auto for ps2?

No there will not be. GTA 5 will not come in a PS2 version of the game and GTA 4 is not available for the PS2