What is the cheat for gta4 PS3?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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What is the cheats for Grand Theft Auto on PS3

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Q: What is the cheat for gta4 PS3?
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Is there a highter jump cheat for gta4 on ps3?


What is the cheat to spawn a tank in gta4 ps3?

there is no tank, so their is no cheat.

Is there a cheat for infurnase on gta4 ps3?

no, there is no cheat for the infurnace. I'm just as sad as you are...

How do you make cars fly cheat in gta4 PS3?

buble car or ripazha

How can you find a jetpack cheat in gta iv PS3?

cant unfortunately thereisn't a jet pack cheat for gta4

Is there a never die cheat for gta4 ps3?

nope, you can't be god in this gta sadly.

What is the jetpack cheat on gta4?

What is the tank cheat for gta4

What is the best cheat code in gta4?

is there a cheat for a dog on gta4

What is the cheat code to spawn an infernus on gta4 ps3?

you turn left at the strippers club go in and thats better

What is the monster truck cheat for gta4 ps3?

There isn't one. You can get a monster truck in GTA IV in the PC version by using a mod, but there is no way in the PS3 version. Sorry.

Is there a cheat code to beat the whole game of grand theft auto 4?

There isn't a cheat code to beat the whole game but you can download save files of gta4 if you have a ps3.