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The bloods and crips aren't in gta 5 but there is a gang rivalry similar to theirs. The rivalry is between the Grove Street Families and the Ballas.

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Q: Is bloods and crips going to be on gta 5?
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Are the Crips and Bloods in GTA 5?

No, but the gangs in the game, the Ballas and the Grove Street Families, are clearly based on them.

Are there crips in Chicago?

There are no Crips nor Bloods in Chicago, IL. The Folk & People Nation gangs are the only gangs in Chicago, IL. Crips are NOT in the Folk Nation nor are Bloods in the People Nation. Real Crips DON'T ride the 6 nor do real BLOODS ride the 5...... To answer your question NO there are NO Crips and there are NO Bloods in Chicago.

Is there really going to have bloods and crips on gta 5?

in san andreas the grove street gang was based off of the lime hood pirus (a blood set) and the ballas were based off of the grape street watts (a crip set). i assume they will go into more details in gta 5 and possibly add more sets were the gangs wear there traditional red for bloods and blue for crips rather than the subset colors of green and purple.

What does 5 popping 6 dropping mean?

it means they rep bloods not crips numba 5 is a blood numba numba 6 is a crip nubma bloods up crips down

What is a crip six point star?

crips rep the 6 point star bloods rep the 5 point star

Is there going to be a gta 5?

Yes, GTA 5 was released in 2013.

Was there crips and blood gangs in new york in the 80?

Real Bloods & Crips started in California not New York, although real Bloods and Crips have spread throught the states(accept for iLLiNOiS cause if they were they would sooner or later have to join up with Folk or People Nation & they wanna remain independent). Even though Bloods and Crips started in California u don't have to be just from Cali to be a real Blood or Crip but u do have to have a Cali connect cause that's their Motherland. *Real Bloods don't claim the 5 and are not under the People Nation * Real Crips don't claim the 6 and are not under the Folk Nation SIDE NOTE:Yes there were real Bloods and Crips in New York in the 80's who were connected directly to the Motherland(California) but not as many as it is now.

Is GTA 5 going to be on PS4?


Is there going to be gta 5?

maybe until we all die yes there is gonig to be a gta 5 in 9.17.2013

What does the 5 stand for in the bloods gang?

The 5 Point star has nothing to do with the Bloods gang. The 5 Point star is represented by gangs in the People Nation, such as the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation, Almighty Vice Lords Nation, & Almighty Insane Latin Counts Nation to name a few. The Bloods gang is NOT under the People Nation, therefore they don't share any of their symbols or knowledge. The Bloods gang is under the Blood Alliance, with gangs such as the Pirus, and the Brims, to name a couple.SIDE NOTES:The Bloods gang is under the Blood Alliance NOT People Nation.The Bloods gang does NOT claim the ''5''.The Crips gang is under the Crip Alliance NOT People Nation.The Crips gang does NOT claim the ''6''.

What console is GTA 5 going to be on?

nintendo 64

Is fabolous dipset?

Dipset are false wannabe Bloods, the gang they claim is ''Nine Tray Gangster Blood'' which is a false UBN(United Blood Nation) wannabe Blood gang. Real Bloods started in Los Angeles California NOT New York but their are real Bloods in New York just any gang that claims the ''5'' or U.B.N. is FAKE.... *Fabolous is not apart of Dipset *Fabolous is a member of the Rollin 20's Crips along with rappers such as Snoop Dogg & Jeezy he's also affiliated with a gang called Black Mafia Family(BMF are not Crips but affiliated with both Crips & Bloods)

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