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yes you can

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โˆ™ 2013-03-12 00:32:20
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Q: Can you go in helicopters in GTA LCS psp?
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Is there a cheat to get a helicopter for gta lcs on psp?

no u have to get a special save data with one in it or use tricks in game to steal helicopters. go on you tube and watch videos for more info.

How do you get a dodo in gta lcs on psp?

complete all the missions then go to the airport at the back where the helicopter pad is then go in the dodo then wola!!!

How do you get boats in gta lcs psp?

go to the second island it will be near the docks to go to the second or third island use the car on water cheat.

How do you get a dodo in gta lcs psp?

You can find a dodo at the airport at shoreside vale it will be where the hunter helicopter is then get down stairs go around the corner and it will be there!!!

How do you do dead reckonig on Grand Theft Auto and psp without using cheats?

go on to then click gta lcs then find dead reckoning

Can you hav sex in gta lcs?

yes, pull up next to a hooker, then go somewhere private .

Can you download GTA San Andreas on a psp go?

You must buy it from the Playstation Store except that San Andreas is not a PSP game title and only some other GTA titles are for the PSP. You can only play PSP titles on the PSP Go

Cheat code for flying cars in gta lcs on psp?

The cheat code is gay it is L,up,left,R,triangle,circle,down,x you need to go fast then press down to start the fly.

What is the helicopter cheat for gta lcs on ps2?

you have to go on the mission folse idols on shaunton or use cheat device

Can you buy GTA4 for psp go?

No GTA4 is computer x-box and ps3 onli gta vice city storeys and gta liberty city storys is for the psp go.

How do you download Grand Theft Auto san Andreas for psp go?

how i download gta san andreas for psp go

Is GTAunited available for PSP?

yes it is. 1. First. you download any GTA game on your PSP. 2. Second. download GTA United to your PC. for Example you have GTA San Andreas on your PSP. 3. PLug in the Psp to your PC go in its folder and copy the download from gta United to your psp system file.... go to your game on the psp and and go to your memory stick to activate it it will load up in about 2 minutes be sure to save the missions or u have to start your game over that's it have fun with Carl Johnson (Cj) in Gta UNited.

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