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On Grand Theft Auto IV no you cannot but you can do vigilante missions if you manage to obtain a police car

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โˆ™ 2011-05-26 15:52:33
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Q: Can you become a cop on grand theft anto iv?
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How do you become cop in grand theft auto vice city?

you type the clothes cheat in!

Can you become a cop on Grand Theft Auto 5?

GTA 5 is not released and does not have a release date

How do you become a cop Grand Theft Auto san andreas?

to become a cop on grand theft auto sanandreas go on to two player in the country and keep preesing right until you find the cop and this is true (Cyclops): OR: You get your girlfriend Barbara Schternvart 100% for the cop uniform. Once you got it, you can wear it by going to your closet in any house and select it under the category: "Special"

Where can you get the cop helicopter in grand theft auto 4?

At the airport .

How do you start a police chase in grand theft auto?

Shoot at a cop

Where to find a shot gun in grand theft auto 3?

In a cop car

Can you play a cop in Grand Theft Auto SA?

no but modification you can and you get a cop suit date with Barbara 100% you get the cop suit but be a cop not only in mod for PC

How do you get the police uniform in Grand Theft Auto 4?

stand on a cop for 50 seconds.

Why carnt you become a police officer on Grand Theft Auto 4?

Because your a bad guy you can't become a cop on gta 4 unless your a good guy.And you got to do missions or you fail.Thats why it's called Grand THIEF auto get it

Is your Grand Theft Auto is your girlfriend a cop?

Mine isn't but maybe someone out there has one like that

Can you change cj into a cop PS2?

No, It is impossible only in Grand theft auto Vice city =/.

How do you be a cop on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

it's easy just date Helen to 100% then you will get cop outfit change into the cop outfit get in a cop car and do the mission That doesnt answer the right question!!!

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