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Q: Will they make a Grand Theft Auto 6?
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Is grand theft auto 6?

there is no grand theft auto 6 and the new one is grand theft auto 5 :P

What is better Grand Theft Auto or rainbow 6?

Rainbow six is better cos it has better graphics than Grand theft auto

Is there going to be a Grand Theft Auto 6?

looks like it. not soon but the way rockstar games is going there will probably be a grand theft auto 60 ^_^

Is there a Grand Theft Auto 6?

yaa,,, it should come soon

Wisconsin Grand Theft Auto?

they should definately make a "Grand Theft Auto 6: Wausau, WI". "Why?" you ask, because it's a perfect enviroment for grand theft auto. also, it's about time a game like that is immitating an actual city. not just basing it on a real city, but copying it completely. yes. that would be awesome.

Is Grand Theft Auto liberty two players?

gtalcs is 6 player!

Florida statute for Grand Theft Auto?


Is there going to be Grand Theft Auto 6?

No. there is not. They are not going to make any more Grand Theft Auto games. But they will be making about six years worth of DLC for GTA Online. I know this because I have a friend, who's other friend has a brother who works at Rockstar.

Do you get anything for outrunning the cops at 6 stars in grand theft auto Chinatown wars?

we can get a tank.

How do you get in the apartment in grand theft auto china town wars because I just started?


Is there going to be a grand theft auto 6 coming?

of course but this will take several years in the developing.

What is the maximum amount of wanted stars on grand theft auto Chinatown wars for ds?


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