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The Civil Rights Movement centered on the south because this was the place of some of the most egregious Jim Crow policies as well as violence, with the Ku Klux Klan often deeply entrenched in the legal justice system. In addition, the denial of service to blacks in public places or institutions as well as the denial of their right to vote by intimidation made it a good place to start.

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Q: Why was the civil rights movement centered in the south?
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Was the South the only part of the US that was involved in the Civil Rights Movement?

Hardly. The South was the part of the US that most resisted the Civil Rights Movement, although discrimination was common in other parts of the country

What conditions in the South brought about the beginning of the Civil Rights movement?


What was the significance of the death of Emmett Till?

Till's murder focused national attention on civil rights abuses in the South and mobilized the Civil Rights Movement..

Why was there a move to violence in the civil war movement?

I think you mean civil rights movement. There was nothing resembling a 'Civil War movement'. The South wanted to break away and form a separate nation.

How long did Gandhi live in South Africa?

Mahatma Gandhi was in south Africa for 22years for a civil rights movement.

Why did the south Africa civil rights movement happen?

so the afacan amercan people can live

What civil rights movement was nelson Mandela involved in?

The movement in south africa to keep white people from having a higherarchy over blacks.

In the 1960's what form of civil rights movement began with a bus ride through the south?

the bus boycot

6 What role did the media play in the Civil Rights Movement?

Helped show the whole world the Racial chaos in the south.

What were some of the problems of the South that the civil rights movement helped change?

Jim Crow laws and police-enforced segregation

Pierced by the scream of shortened childhood poem?

This poem talks about the whole civil rights movement and specially about what happened to Emmett Till. The author is looking at the whole situation about civil rights movement and also explains the life of an African American living in the South during that time.

The nonviolence used by civil rights activists was a good tactic?

The nonviolence used by civil rights activists was a good tactic to highlight the violence experience by black in the south. The media would record the passive civil rights activist being harmed and the more the violence was out in the open the better for the movement. .

Why is Malcolm X important?

he inspired young african americans who felt that civil rights was not achieving anything and he made civil rights a civil right movement rather than just in the south

How did the Civil Rights Movement affect racist and non racist Caucasians?

The Civil Rights Movement made the white racist snare,mad and uneasy that a change was coming for the negro in the south and they could'nt accept that. As far as non racist at the time it tested there own moral code about right and wrong.

What response did the first sit-in of the civil rights movement at a woolworth's lunch counter in 1960 provoke throughout the south?

why did you put the question in here

Why did the candidacy of George Wallace further erode the democratic of solid south?

wallace won votes from southern opponents of the civil rights movement

Why did the candidacy of george Wallace further erode the democratic solid south?

wallace won votes from southern opponents of the civil rights movement

What role did Emmett Till play in the Civil Rights Movement?

It sparked outrage & started the entire movement. Till's case became a symbol of of the lack of justice for blacks in the South.

Which of these was not a strategy of black civil rights leaders in the South from 1955 to 1965?

Violent resistance was not a strategy of black civil rights leaders in the South from 1955 to 1965.

Why did the south start the civil war?

The south wanted states rights.

How did Martin Luther King start the civil rights movement?

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not actually start the civil rights movement. However, he became a widely popular leader of the movement, in part by leading protests at some of the hot spots in the South. Dr. King taught people to resist without violence, a tactic that swung great popular sympathy to the movement.

What did the civil rights movement create?

In the United States the civil rights movement that was a prominent feature in American politics and culture. It made apparent the inequalities in the USA among the races. More people became aware that in areas of the South for example, there were still laws and practices that made Blacks second class citizens. The movement also exposed the workings of the age old Ku Klux Klan for example that would burn down Afro American churches in the South. In summary, the civil rights movement did create new laws that helped Afro Americans to succeed in the USA.

What were the causes of the Civil Rights movement?

The cause was because the people (African Americans and women) in the south (sometimes in the north) were discriminated because of their race or sex.

What key principle of the teachings of the Nation of Islam was the opposite of the goal of the civil rights movement in the South?

The Nation of Islam believed in separation of the races. -NovaNET

How did the KKK contribute to the Civil Rights Movement?

Aside from murder and mayhem, the Ku Klux Klan didn't contribute to the Civil Rights Movement, in fact, they attempted to stop it. However, one could say the imagery of murderous terrorists hiding behind sheets caused the world, and the rest of the country to view the south in a terrible light, and as a result, caused more sympathy and support for the movement.