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Grand Theft Auto five is the fifth Grand Theft Auto game if you don't count ALL of those side Grand Theft Auto games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City.

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Q: Which GTA game is GTA 5?
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Can you get only GTA online and not GTA 5?

no... gta online is a feature within gta 5, not a standalone game.

What game is better GTA sanandreas or GTA 5?

its up to personal opinion but GTA 5 is newer and i personally like it better

What is the best game in the world 2013?


What is the most expensive video game?

GTA 5.

How do you beat gta 5?

You have to do all of the missions in the game.

Is GTA 5 the best game in the world?


Cheat codes GTA v?

There are a few places you can get cheat codes for the game GTA 5. You can try on a game site.

Where can you download GTA7 game for free?

There is no GTA 7..released yet...the latest GTA is GTA chill out..

How do i play gta 5 online?

get a epic game account

How to play cop mode in GTA 5 for Xbox 360?

You will have to be on a certain mission to play the cop mod on GTA. GTA is a type of game.

How do you golf on Grand Theft Auto 4?

This isn't on GTA 4 although this will be on GTA 5 as a mini-game.

How do you get 2player game on gta vice city stories?

There isn't there any 2 player mode in the gta vc game.You can play multi player in the latest game by Developer that is GTA 5.

How do you play cop mode in gta 4 and 5 for Xbox 360?

Playing GTA 4 and 5 are easy to do. All you have to do is follow the missions in the game.

Is the kraken in gta 5 next gen any different than the original sub?

Both GTA 5 and the original sub are the same. This is a game.

Is GTA 5 awesome?

ofcourse yes its the best realistic game ever

Will there be a new Grand Theft Auto for ps2?

No there will not be. GTA 5 will not come in a PS2 version of the game and GTA 4 is not available for the PS2

What is the best Grand Theft Auto game?

In my opinion it would be GTA IV & the expansions hopefully GTA 5 will be good as well.

Is there a GTA for the wi?

No there is not a GTA game on a wii.

How do you use your phone for grand theft auto 5 for Xbox?

The game have a GTA 4 then they have different games with titles not numbers although the claim to be working on a GTA 5

How do you use police mod for gta 4 an 5 for Xbox 360?

You have to be on a certain level to be able to use the police mod on GTA. This is a game.

Is there a building on GTA Vice City with a parachure?

There is no building with the parachute in the game Gta vice city.The building is in the game Gta SA.You cannot get a parachute in the game of gta vice city.

How to get GTA 5 free?

There isn't a safe, legal, or easy way to get the game for free.

How do you get a boat in gta?

You have to tell me which GTA game are you talking about.

Is there GTA for GameCube?

There is no GTA game available on Gamecube.

Is grand theft auto 5 a good game?

The GTA 5 is a really good game especially in Hitman Absolution and Max Payne 3.

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