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You can find various cheats for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Playstation 2 game on the gamefaqs website or on the strategyinformer website or on the gta-sanandreas website.

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Q: Where could one find cheats for the PS2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game?
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If i get a bluetooth keyboard for my ipod could i enter pc cheats for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on my ipod?

If a person knows any cheats for the Grand Theft auto game and has a keyboard for their iPod they would be able to enter the cheats. They could also be entered using the keyboard that is on iPod screen.

What are the cheat codes Grand Theft Auto san Andreas for playstation 2?

Google could have answered this question before it was asked but:

Where can one find Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cheats for the PS2 online?

There are a few cheat sites on the internet that will cover GTA San Andreas for PS2. One could check websites such as PSX Extreme, G-Unleashed and Planet Grand Theft Auto.

Where to download grand theft auto san Andreas for free?

You could torrent it

Where could you get free Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game for your PC with no bt or not buying it?

Try Gnutella. In other words: "How do I get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas illegally?". See the link below.

Can you skip the flying school on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

You cannot... I wish we could - it pisses me off.

Is the San Andreas East Coast Ryders game on ps2?

No game could be found that was close to your name except Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which is for the PS2

Is there a sword on Grand Theft Auto 4?

Unlike GTA San Andreas where you could find the katana, there is no such melee weapon on grand theft auto IV for Niko. I do not know if there is a mod or a cheat for it, but if you wanted to do down that route perhaps you could double check on the gtawikisite, where they have excellent sections on modifications and cheats (note: mods only work via a computer).

Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas a good game?

Grand theft auto San Andreas is not a good game because their is a lot of curse words in their if you do bad stuff and they use lots and lots of guns any kind of gun you could think of but my main point is it is not a good game

Can you mod Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PlayStation 2 and how?

as far as i know it is PC exclusive but there could be a way but i doubt it

Is there two players in grand theft san andreas?

yes you could find it easy on cj girlfriend house near CJ house

Grand Theft Auto san Andreas ps2 cheats?

I can give you the cool cheats for cool stuff. monster truck=right,up,r1,r1,r1,down,triangle,triangle,x,circle,l1,l1. stuntplane=circle,up,l1,l2,down,r1,l1,l1,left,left,x,square that's all cheats I could memorize!!

Where do you find bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There is no bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas. It was a myth started by game users shortly after San Andreas was released. Gamers could, in theory, use mods to construct a bigfoot and put it in the game, but in an unmodified GTA there is no bigfoot.

How do you get 5 stars on grand theft auto San Andreas?

You could use the raise wanted level cheat or get into a police chase and kill a whole bunch of people and cars.

How do you cusmotize your car in Grand Theft Auto 4?

Cars cannot be customized like they could in San Andreas, only the color can be changed by visiting Pay N' Spray shops.

I have Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but it doesn't work what should i do?

It depends on the problem. It could be a scratch, bad copy or you played it too much. I used to be able to play it for a while, then I'd get a black screen saying "Could not read the GTA:San Andreas disc." I had to buy a new one.

Where can you download leatherface mod on Grand Theft Auto?

There are various different places that you could download a Leatherface mod on the game Grand Theft Auto. You could try GTA Garage.

How do you get a jet on Grand Theft Auto 4?

You can't get a jet on grand theft auto or a jet pack. Even with cheats. When the made GTA iv. They wanted it to be more realistic so decided not to put jet packs and things like that into the game. But of course Niko could get into a helicopter and fly it no probs lol :)

Where could you find a copy of grand theft auto san Andreas?

Gamestop has used or new editions for the PS2, Xbox, & PC there should be no trouble finding the game version you are looking for online.

Where could one find cheats for Grand Theft Auto 3?

There are several places one can find cheats for GTA 3. You need to check out the websites of gamefaqs, g4tv, cheathappens, g-unleashed. You can also find them in the players guide that can be bought at Gamestop.

Where can you find an alien in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There are no aliens ordinarily in GTA: San Andreas. You could check on the internet to see if there is a mod available for this (would have to be done on a PC though). Suggest you look on the modification section of gtawiki if interested:

How do you get to the bar in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There are many ways to get to a bar in San Andreas you could take one of your girlfriends out and go to your map and it'll show all the restaurants and bars you can got to when you find one that you wanna go to after your date is done just mark it on your map.

How could you get in jets in Grand Theft Auto vice city?

You can't.

Where could i download Grand Theft Auto 4?

on the app store

How do you change your clothes in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

you can buy clothes in stores through out the game and change there or you could go to a safe-house and look for the room with the surf board and the mirror and just walk into the arrow