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download cheat divise

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Q: Where can you get smoke grenade in GTAlcs?
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Is it possible to fire a smoke grenade out of an airsoft ics glm airsoft grenade launcher?

If the smoke grenade operates on impact, then yes. However, it is a bad tactical idea, because if you have the desire to use a smoke grenade, then you are in the situation where you have enough time to pull one out.

Will my paintballing smoke grenade still work if I left it outside overnight in the rain?

No, your paintballing smoke grenade will not work if left outside overnight in the rain.

If a grenade was right in front of you and it blew up would you survive?

Maybe. It will depend on the type of grenade, how big and what it is designed to do. A smoke grenade will simply surround you with a cloud of smoke. A fragmentation grenade will send shrapnel in all directions, if they don't hit a major blood vessel or major organ, you can survive.

How does a smoke grenade work?

smoke grenades work similarly to regular grenades, when you pull the pin, a small rope is lighted with a spark, when the spark reaches the end of the rope, a small explosive set's off and the grenade releases a cloud of smoke.

What is the maximum number of grenades in Counter-Strike?

Maximum=4. 1 HE Grenade, 1 Smoke Grenade and 2 Flashbangs.

What are types of grenades?

stiealhand grenade, frag grenade, smoke grenade tabun gas grenade, and sticky grenade stieal? (Steel?) hand grenade, frag grenade, smoke grenade, tabun gas grenade, sticky grenade. There are also Anti-Tank HEAT and white phosphorus smoke, or other types of smoke grenades that are thrown and, or projected by rifles and other launchers. Fragmentation grenades and flairs can also be launched from a rifle grenade launcher/adapter. Furthermore, there are also offensive and defensive fragmentation hand grenades. Offensive grenades have either a plastic case with out fragments, or many very small fragments that do not travel far and are thus little danger to the advancing troupes who tossed it some required distance. The Offensive hand grenade has fragments who's size is chosen to trade effective radius against chance to inflict a disabling wound. Larger fragments travel farther, but there are less of them which reduces the chance of success at longer ranges where their spread is farther apart.

What is a m-34 round?

A white phosphorous smoke grenade.

Where can you buy a M18 smoke grenade?

They're not released for public sale.

What are those bunches of tubes on the sides of an Army tank on the turret?

They are smoke grenade projectors. Smoke grenades are used to deny the enemy view of the target.

What guns does call of duty modern warfare 2 have?

Primary Weapons: =============== -Flash Grenade -Stun Grenade - Smoke Grenade YOU SHOULD GET BLACK OPS! IT'S THE BEST!

Does the hand grenade have any steel in it?

Depends on the type. On a fragmentation grenade, the bodies will typically be made out of steel, whereas aluminum is more common on non-fragmentation types (incendiary, smoke, etc).

How do you throw a smoke grenade on CoD 5 Wii?

you twist the wii remote to the left then press plus

What is a smoke grenade?

smoke grenades are canister type grenades used as ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling devices, target or landing zone marking devices

Can you date in GTAlcs?

no you cant u can do that in san Andreas i think

How do you get to the therd island in GTAlcs?

drive in a jet car to ther

Can grenades contain explosive and chemical fillers?

Explosive AND chemical fillers at the same time? You mean, like a frag grenade that also produces smoke? No one would build a grenade like that because if you want to make a grenade that kills you want as much explosive in it as possible and if you're fielding a smoke grenade you probably want to be able to use it close to your own men--white smoke is for concealment, so you pop that as close to you as possible to hide your movement--but if you really wanted to build, say, a grenade for marking an enemy position that would also kill someone when it went off, there's no real reason you couldn't. You can put multiple chemical fillers in a grenade, though. When I was in the 101st Airborne I knew the guy who ran the Opposing Forces bunker. He was the division's resident enemy. He loved to do things like sneak into the other side's ammo supply during field exercises, steal white smoke grenades, take the cap off the bottom, dump out half the smoke powder and refill the grenade with tear gas powder. This way, when the poor saps who had the grenades used them, everyone in the unit would get gassed. This man got into at least three fistfights every field exercise, and he won most of them.

What is the best gun in GTAlcs?

The best gun in gta lcs is the m60

How do you buy a house in GTAlcs?

Sadly you can not buy properties on gta lcs

Do not throw smoke grenades within feet of vegetation?

Hmm...Never head that. I suppose the only reason for that would be that the chemical reaction that produces the smoke releases heat which could combust dry vegetation and start a fire. This probably is a secondary issue on a battlefield, where the concealment a smoke grenade can give you can save your life, but on an exercise or training mission in peacetime, I can see why commanders would make this prohibition regarding smoke grenade use around vegetation.

How do you plant a bomb on gears of war?

when your holding a grenade (frag ,smoke or ink) you look where you want to plant it and press B

Is it legal to fire a smoke grenade?

Generally speaking in civilian circles no. Law enforcement and armed forces are in certain situations.

How do you make a smoke grenade that will not start a fire or requires salt peter?

Best venture I could give you is dry ice.

Can you get Ferraris on GTAlcs?

The cheetah on the 2nd island is the closest to a ferrari on gta lcs.

Is Grand Theft Auto liberty two players?

gtalcs is 6 player!

Is there a cheat to beat GTALCS?

No there is never a cheat to beat any gta game

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