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you cant but you can emualte it if you have a good computer with at least 2gb ram and 2.0ghz software called 3d analayze

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Q: Where can you get Pixel Shader 1.1 or better without buying a new graphics card?
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How do you upgrade you pixel shader on laptop?

You cannot upgrade the pixel shader without buying a new graphics card. Usually, this is not possible on a laptop without buying a completely new one.

Where can you get pixel shader 1.1 without buying it?

Nowhere. Pixel Shader is a hardware feature that comes with your graphics card. Most graphics cards these days support pixel shader 3.0 or higher and are at a low price.

Where can I download a - Vertex Shader 2.0?

vertex shaders cannot be downloaded. they come with the graphics card and cannot be upgraded without buying a new graphics card

Can you upgrade a 2.0 pixel shader to a 3.0 without buying new hardware?

No, the pixel shader is built into the hardware

I can't play portal because it says I need pixel shader 1.1 or higher How can I fix this without buying a graphics card?

well soz, u need to buy a new graphivs card or play another game

Can you update a ATI Radeon 9250 GPU?

You can update the drivers but things like Pixel Shader depend on the hardware and therefore cannot be updated. Should you wish for a better performing graphics card, you should look at buying a new GPU.

How can you get Kodu Game Lab to work on a computer without buying a strong video card?

A graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 2.0 or higher is required.. You can't "get it to work" if you don't have this. You also need .Net 3.5 and XNA framework which you can download.

What do I need a graphics card for?

A graphics card on a computer is the card that affects how well your computer displays graphics and images. By buying a better graphics card, you are allowing your computer to run faster, and well as display nicer quality during new computer games.

Answer quick please I need answer. I m buying computer with ati radeon 2100 graphics. Is this graphics good enough for bully?

I would have to say yes but it might be quite laggy. I would suggest that you try to find something with better graphics or build one.

Does Geforce4 mx420 have or support pixel shader 1.1?

Sadly it does not. It has no pixel shader at all. I am plagued by the same graphics card and cannot play team fortress 2 because of it. It is an outdated card and you should probably upgrade. However you can emulate pixel shaders if you have enough CPU but not enough cash to buy a new graphics card. But prepare to lag because even some of the best emulators don't go as fast as grapihics cards. Buying a new card is your best bet

Can you upgrade your graphics card to get pixel shading 1.1 to work with it without buying a new one?

Try the latest drivers from if they don't work, email me and I'll try to help you further. can't get into site Help is near search on google after the program 3d-analyze open the program and tick emulate pixel shader option and off you go. (its a free program)

Any time I want to play the Sims 3 I get an error message saying your video card doesn't support Shader Model 2 what can I do without buying a new video card?

well it means your video card won't work with the sims 3, the only solution is to get a new video card that will support Shader Model 2.

How much would a graphics card cost in NZ money?

It depends on where you are buying it from.

How do you get robux on ROBLOX with out buying them?

You can't without buying them or buying BC.

Is FIFA 12 worth buying if you've already got FIFA 11?

Yes it is much better because it looks real when you see the graphics and it looks like your playing on TV

Is PlayStation 3 worth buying?

The playstation 3 is definitely worth buying. It has full HD (1080P) graphics, 3d graphics, a fast processor, a familiar controller, and free access to play games online (and watch netflix)

How do you make Guild Wars run fast on an Intel Extreme 2 graphics card?

Well i had the same problem and not just with guild wars and i tried everything to solve it and i mean every thing but in the end it just came down to buying a better video graphics card

Buying without planning or forethought on the spot purchase?

impulse buying

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Uploads xp without buying products no cost?

how do i udate my windows98me to xp without any cost to me or buying products

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