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There are a number of websites that currently offer PC cheats for the game Grand Theft Auto. One can find cheats for this game on sites such as 'g-unleashed', 'G4tv', GamesRadar and GameSpot.

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Q: Where can on find PC cheats for the game GTA San Andreas?
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Where can one find cheats for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the PC?

You can find cheats for the GTA San Andreas PC game by visiting unofficial cheat sites. The best sites to look at are called GTA San Andreas Cheats and Game Spot.

PC cheats for hummer in gta san Andreas?

find the gta sa andreas hummer mod pack

What were Cheats for GTA San Andreas?

Many were not cheats at and and were mods for only the PC versions of the game

Does GTASan Andreas have cheats?

GTA san andreas has many cheats if you want them just google "gta san andreas cheat codes"

Where could one find cheats for the PS2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game?

You can find various cheats for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Playstation 2 game on the gamefaqs website or on the strategyinformer website or on the gta-sanandreas website.

BMW cheat GTA San Andreas?

There are no BMW's in San andreas, the closest car to a BMW in any GTA game is A Sentinel. But theres no cheats for that car.

How do you put in cheats on gta san Andreas?

you can't put cheats in on San Andreas

Cheat for GTA San Andreas snow PC GTA San Andreas PC cheats?

there is no cheat for that it is a mod for the PC version and where you can find it is at

What is Cheat to beat the game GTA San Andreas for PS2?

There are only cheats to help you beat the game

Where is a website that is not blocked that you can find Grand Theft Auto san Andreas cheats?

If u cant find gta sa cheats Go to gta sa cheats ps2 ,ps3 ,pc,psp

What is GTA Andreas car cheats?


Do using cheats affect the storyline of GTA San Andreas?

no. personaly i think cheats enhance the game and make it a lot more fun

Shark cheats for GTA San Andreas?

get a gameshark!

Where to get the cheats of GTAunited?

gta san andreas chates

What are some cheats fo gta san andreas for xbox 360?

There is not an Xbox 360 version of the game only an Xbox game

List all gta san Andreas ps2 cheats?

Where can one find cheats for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There are a wide range of options available for one wanting to find cheats for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. These can be found on Gamespot, Cheat Code Central and the GTA San Andreas websites.

How do you deactivate cheats gta San Andreas?


Easy way to beat GTA San Andreas?


All cheats for gta san andreas for ps2?


Gta san Andreas PC cheats for zombies?


Best cheats GTA San Andreas?

I say jumpjet

Super speed cheats for gta san Andreas?


Grand theft auto San Andreas cheats for PC?

Check, they have links to all the PC Cheats for GTA San Andreas

Cheats for gta San Andreas on ps2?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats link below.