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If you can see gta 5 did not come out in 2011 so gta 5 will either come out in 2012 or 2013 in Christmas time.

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โˆ™ 2012-11-03 01:38:58
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Q: When will gta 5 come out?
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When does GTA 5 come out?

GTA 5 was released in late 2013.

Did GTA 5 come out for PlayStation 4?

Yes, it has.

When will GTA6 come out?

gta 5 hasn't come out yet, why say gta6!?

How do you get 2 player on gta 5 for xbox360?

Gta V( 5) has not come out yet there for no one knows besides the developers. But when it does i will answer ASAP

Will GTA 5 come on Xbox?

Yes it is already out on Xbox.

How do you get a new apartment on gta 5?

it hasn't come out yet.

When will GTA 5 come in India?

maybe and if it do much more later

Did GTA 5 came out yet?

Nope. It will come out in early 2013

What date is gta 5 coming out?

It should come on the 17.09.2013 on the XBOX360 and PS3

When you get gta 5 san Andreas does it come with a grappling hook and a gravity gun?


Will there be a new Grand Theft Auto for ps2?

No there will not be. GTA 5 will not come in a PS2 version of the game and GTA 4 is not available for the PS2

What are Grand Theft Auto 5 System Requirements PC?

Gta 5 hasn't come out yet

Can you get only GTA online and not GTA 5?

no... gta online is a feature within gta 5, not a standalone game.

is gta 4 better then gta 5?

Yes, You Can Download GTA 5 For Pc For Free

Is there going to be a gta 5?

Yes, GTA 5 was released in 2013.

Where do the swat come from in gta san Andreas?

When you get 5 stars, the SWAT come in with heavily armored vehicles and SMG's for weapons.

What 360 games come with one months?

Gta 4 gears 2 cod 5

When will GTA8 come out?

Well Grand Theft Auto 8 must take about 3 years and depending on the map its hard to create such a big game, gta 5 has to still come out gta 6 , gta 7 and gta 8 but gta 5 needs to come out first, rockstar are probably working on the game right now its gunna like take 3 years its not easy to create games not like a click just like that. It takes loades of time it might come out in 2025 or some thing, but gta will never stop creating there gta's Rockstar is number 1 company for gaming :)

Is there a new GTA?

yeah there is new gta the new gta is gta 5 search it at bing and there another new gta the new gta is gta sahra

Is there going to be Grand Theft Auto 5?

GTA 5 Is planning to come out in Fall of 2010. exclusive to the xbox360. 2011 or 2012

What game is better GTA sanandreas or GTA 5?

its up to personal opinion but GTA 5 is newer and i personally like it better

When will a next Grand Theft Auto come out?

Recently, GTA IV has come out rivaled by GTA Chinatown Wars on DS. No news on number 5, but if bored, try Saints Row 1 and 2. You'll get the same kick of gunning down guys mindlessly that you do in GTA.

Will gta iv come out for ps2?


Does gta 4 come on ps3?

It out

Can you download Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC?

GTA 5 will come out on PC the summer of 2014. It will be released on a program named Steam.