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they would go all mental and start a gran theft auto like everyone else

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โˆ™ 2008-12-08 15:55:36
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Q: What would happen if lifters were bad?
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What are symptoms of bad valve lifters 95 geo metro 4-cylinder?

bad lifters will rattle when engine is running at idle you will hear anything from clicking in engine to rapid tapping,depending on how bad and how many lifters are bad if vehicle has hydraulic lifters check for proper oil level in cngine

How do you tell if your lifters are bad in your car?

In most cases, you can tell that your lifters are bad, in your car engine, by the ticking noise. A bad lifter will make a tapping sound.

Why would a Chevy 305 have no oil no left side of rockers with clean rods and lifters and plenty on right even after i replaced the lifters?

it could be a faulty gage or a bad oil pump

How do I adjust lifters on a Crown Victoria?

Most have hydraulic lifters and there would be no adjustment needed.

How many lifters does 2000 Chevy Blazer have?

The 4.3L would have 12 hydraulic lifters.

How long can a car run on bad lifters?

it depends on the car

What damage would happen if cam belt snaps?

Bent/broken valves, lifters, pistons, etc. Major engine damage.

Why do lifters go bad in a vehicle?

Not changing the oil often enough

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Is the knocking noise from the lifters that need adjusting on 2001 ford windstar?

Probably not, a 2001 Windstar usually has hydraulic lifters that never need adjusting it could be a bad valve spring, or a bad lifter that will need to be replaced.

What are the symptoms of bad lifters in 94 grand marquis?

Usually a "Clicking" sound.

What does a car do when the hydraulic lifters are going bad?

You will hear valve train clatter.

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Are solid or hydraulic lifters stock on 1984 Chevy c10?

Hydraulic lifters would be STOCK from the factory. On the 84 engine.

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Would a 1999 Honda civic 1.6 dx have hydraulic lifters?

No. Most Honda's have mechanical lifters that need to be manually adjusted.

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Would a bad exhaust manifold also cause a ticking like a lifter if needed replacement?

if it is cracked or the gasket is bad sometimes they sound like ticking lifters. look for carbon deposits at joints and on the manifolds themselves.

What is the gap ratio for lifters in 1989 Chevy 350?

That would be zero valve lash. You only use a feeler gauge on solid lifters.