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If you can't convince your parents to let you play that, then find something else to do.

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Q: What should I do if my parents won't let me play GTA V?
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Can an 8 year old person play GTA San Andreas?

Really depends on your parents. My parents don't give a crap on what I play.

Is it ok for a nine year old to play GTA?

It is recommended that parents do not let their children play Grand Theft Auto, as the violence portrayed in the series is of a level that a child should not be exposed to.

How do you convince your parents to let you play gta 5?

plz help me with this plz! i have no answer sorry

Should kids be allowed to play GTA 4?

I don't think so... Your parents must not be aware of the type of game this is... or they just don't care about your wellbeing...

Should kids play Grand Theft Auto 5?

kids should not play gta 5 because it has inmuture content

You want gta sa samp but your mom and dad wont let you?

Well your either hosed or you could play it at a friends house.

Can 9year olds play GTA?

No, it is rated M for Mature meaning violence, language and sex. You should ask you parents if they approve then you can but if not then no. But it is intended for older teenagers.

Should a 15 year old be allowed to play gta 4?


Should an 11 year old boy be allowed to play GTA 5?

This is more of a moral decision than anything else. I know some children under 11 whose parents let them play Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA-5), and also some children over 11 whose parents don't let them play it. It mainly depends on what the child's parents want to allow their child to be exposed to. The GTA franchise has some aspects that are very adult in nature, and so some parents are uncomfortable with their children playing that game. If you feel that your parents should let you play the game, try to sit down with them and have a discussion about it. Don't cry, or throw a fit, or yell, just sit down and explain what you think and feel and try to explain to them why you feel that you are old enough to play the game. Most parents will appreciate an open discussion, and since you will be handling the subject maturely, they are more likely to listen to your side of the story.

How do you get your parents to get gta 5?

Beg them, or buy it yourself. Give them good reasons. Show them game play on YouTube.

Why wont your phone work in gta 4?

mine does

Should your kid be allowed to play gta Chinatown wars?

Definitely if over 15

Should kid play GTA 5?

Would not be the best decision based on the content.

How to play cop mode in GTA 5 for Xbox 360?

You will have to be on a certain mission to play the cop mod on GTA. GTA is a type of game.

Why wont GTA 3 1.1 patch work?


How do you play 2 player in gta v online?

there is no option to play two player on GTA 5.

What order to play gta games?

Gta 1, Gta 2, Gta 3, Gta Vice city, Gta san Andreas, Gta liberty city stories ,Gta vice city stories, Gta IV, and Gta Chinatown wars.

Should i play gta 4 if I'm 13?

Yes, introdueces you to a new concept of life.

Can 11 year olds GTA 5?

yes they should be able to play gta5because it is not that violence

How do you get your parents to let you play GTA 5?

The answer is to not, this game is not suitable for children. It's rated M for Mature, but if you feel like you are mature enough to play the game just tell them that.

Why wont gta install?

Because you have full storage delet games to free storage

How can you play gta 4 multiplayer?

get a phone in singleplayer then press up and multiplayer should be in the main menu.

How do you play gta?

with the joypad

Is saints row bad for kids?

most kids play gta 4 so kids just play mature games for fun and parents have to tell them the difference of reality and games

How do you get your parents to let you play Grand Theft Auto 4?

If you are over the legal age required to play GTA 4, then you are also old enough to have control over your own purchases. If you are not over the legal age, then your parents are probably doing the right thing.