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What i have read on the internet gun dealers prices for the little scout14 1/2 are.260 to 299. dollars ,in good condition. Ihave a little scout ,in good condition and i do not want to sell it.Ihope this helps answer your questions .

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โˆ™ 2006-01-16 21:05:15
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Q: What is the value of a little scout 14 12 22 rifle?
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What is the value for 12 gauge single shot Hercules rifle?

25-100 USD, 12 gauge is a shotgun, not a rifle.

What is the value of a BSA 22 long rifle target rifle model 12 15?

Between £350 and £450

Are there parts available for the little scout 14 12 22 long rifle Pat July 2 07?

You can check with Numrich on their website as gunpartscorp, but this rifle has been out of production for many years, and parts are NT commonly available- sorry.

What is the value of a semiautomatic 12 gauge 2012 DU 1611 rifle?

We need make, model, and condition- and it is not a rifle- it is a shotgun.

What would be the value of a 9 mm Marlin Rifle with a 12 shot clip the rifle is more than 25 years old?

2 dollars!

What is a Little Scout long rifle 14 12 pat July 2 l907 worth?

This is a very common .22 made by Stevens as a boys rifle. Discontinued in 1932, tons were made, however they were also abused. The value depends on its condition and age. The older and better shape the more its worth. In excellent condition. No rust, no dings or dents and still shoots, operates and looks good it should fetch $300.00 or more. Start deducting from there for cosmetic issues. If parts are missing its only value will be for spare parts...

Can you rebuild my model 12 rifle?

Yes, but unless there's great sentimental value it's not worth it.

What is the value of a remington 22 rifle oct 1909 man date short long and long rifle pump?

That's a model 12, round barrel is a 12-A hexigon 12-C. The value is greatly dependent on the original condition of the gun from a $100 parts rifle to a $1500 new in the box. In very good your getting in the 500-600 range then condition makes it escalate quickly since they are very collectable.

What is the Value of Remington 550-1 12 gauge shotgun?

Tough question, the Remington model 550 is a .22 rifle not a 12 gauge shotgun.

What is the value of a ruger 22 cal long rifle pistol serial 12-44516?

50-200 USD

What is the value of a Remington model 12 rifle serial number 827830?

From $100 - $1,500 depending on original condition.

What is the value of a Remington Rifle Patented July 22 1902 Rifle with Serial Number S 53388?

I *think* that is a Remington model 12, if it's a pump that's it. However value is greatly influenced by condition, condition, and condition which isn't described.

How old are Jem Scout and Dill in chapter 12 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

Jem is 12, Scout is 8, and Dill is 9.

Your grandpa gave you Long Tom single shot 12 gauge rifleWhat is its value?

It is a 12 gauge shotgun, not a rifle. Retail value will depend on condition, but typically is in the $75-$125 range. As your grandpa's gun, it is priceless.

What is the value of a Remington 12-2 rifle?

Remington didn't make a Model 12-2 but Model 12-A-F & and CS. But the value is GREATLY dependent on condition without that it's anywhere from a 200-1,200 gun NIB.

What is the value of a ruger 22 cal long rifle automatic pistol serial 12-35364?

10-150 USD or so

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GSUSA Girl Scout Ambassadors are grades 11 and 12.

When was The Last Boy Scout created?

The Last Boy Scout was created on 1991-12-13.

How old are Jem and Scout in Chapter 16?

Scout is 8, nearly 9 and Jem is 12

What is the value of the Savage Model 24 - 3030 -12 gauge?

A Savage model 24 -3030- 12 gauge in good condition is valued at $500. It is a rifle over shotgun combo.

What is a 1908 Remington pump 12-c rifle 558107 worth?

It was made in 1920, but value is greatly dependent on condition, condition, and condition!

What is the value of a Remington model 12 rifle?

Depends if it's been used for a tomato stake or it's new in the box. $100-1,500.

What is the value of -12?

The value of -12 is -12.

What is the value of a Remington Model 12 pump-action 22 rifle made sometime after 1912?

i seached the net, seens i have a model 12 Remington .22 and it seems to be going for about 300+ American

What is a remington model 12 pump action worth?

value of 12a pump 22 short, long,or long rifle number 5839 and year