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Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes from Liberty City. To understand the story in this version, you must first get the Grand Theft Auto: IV. (NOT the EFLC)

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Q: What is the newest Grand Theft Auto for xbox 360?
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Is ther a new Grand Theft Auto?

the new grand theft auto is the ballad of gay tony on Xbox 360

What Grand Theft Autos can you get on xbox 360?

grand theft auto iv and grand theft auto stories from liberty city.but gta 5 is coming out soon.

What is the redeem code on xbox 360 for Grand Theft Auto IV?

The redeem code for Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 is located on the game package.

Grand theft auto san andreas xbox?

it is cool but the xbox sucks

Can you have a baby on the xbox games grand theft auto san Andreas on the xbox?

No you can not.

How much does Grand Theft Auto cost on xbox?


Can Grand Theft Auto be on the Xbox?

Yes, that's what it was made for.

How do you get a plane for Grand Theft Auto vice city for xbox?

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Can you get business in Grand Theft Auto san Andreas on the xbox?


What GTA games are compatible with Xbox 360?

The current GTA games that are available for Xbox 360 are:Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned (2009)Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009)Grand Theft Auto V (2013)Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2014 - re-release)

Is Grand Theft Auto 4 on ps2?

No, Grand Theft Auto 4 is only available on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Is there any 2 player on Grand Theft Auto Liberty City?

You can if you have grand theft auto 4 liberty city and xbox live

When will Grand Theft Auto V be out?

Grand Theft Auto V was released on the 17th of September 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

How do you get two player on gta VI?

Did you mean Grand Theft Auto: V or Grand Theft Auto: IV? You can get Multiplayer on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network easily but only On Grand Theft Auto IV.

Is Grand Theft Auto out for xbox?

yes grand threft auto is out for x box like grand threft auto vice city

What systems is Grand Theft Auto 5 going to be for?

Grand Theft Auto V was originally released on PS3 and XBox 360, and was later released on PS4, XBox One and PC.

Can you play Grand Theft Auto 4 two players on the same Xbox on Xbox live?

grand theft auto four can only be played with one person on one console

Do you need xbox live to play Grand Theft Auto?

You will not need Xbox Live to play Grand Theft Auto Episodes For Liberty City if you have it on disc. You will only need Xbox Live if you wanted to download it off of the Xbox.

Can you get Grand Theft Auto san Andreas on xbox 360?

Yes you can.

Is grand theft auto san Andreas on xbox 360?


Is there a cheat for a helicopter on Grand Theft Auto 3 for xbox?


Is there a snowmobile cheat for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360?


Cheats for grand theft auto 5 for xbox?

Go to

What grand theft auto games are on the xbox console?


Can you get a big rig trailer on it Grand Theft Auto 4 xbox 360?

can you get a big rig trailer on it grand theft auto 4 ps3