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Q: What is the most played computer games?
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What are most played computer games on the world?


How do you play computer games in PS2?

Computer games are played on computers

Can you play games with Macintosh computer?

Games can be played on a Macintosh computer.

Can Xbox games be played on computer?


What is the past tense of you operate your computer and play games?

You operated your computer and played games.

Is there a difference between computer games and video games?

yes there is. computer games are solemly played on the computer, where video games just consist of all games played on a screen. in general though, games on platform systems and handheld systems are thought more of as video games than computer game

Can computer games to be played on Xbox-360?


Can a computer game be played on the ps2?

No the PS2 or any other game console does not play computer games they are played on a computer

Are video games and computer games both considered computer games?

No. Video games that are played on a console are generally not considered "computer games" because the game console is usually not considered a proper "computer." Both games are classified as "video games", however.

Is there a way for computer games to be played on xbox-360?


What is the most addictive game?

computer games

What are some popular fashion show computer games?

There are very many fashion show computer games which are played online using various devices such as smartphones or computers. Some of the most popular games include; 'Jojo's Fashion show' and 'Makeover'.

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