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There is not cheat for that in san andreas,you have to mod your game in order to have that

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โˆ™ 2009-07-31 17:57:23
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Q: The cheat that you tell me did'nt work ps2 it was L2 L2 O triangle x L2 L2 Ferrai cheat works?
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The cheat that you tell me did'NT work ps2 in San Andreas was L2 L2 O triangle x L2 L2 Ferrai cheat works?

There is not cheat for that in san andreas,you have to mod your game in order to have that

Prince of Persia warrior within cheat codes?

on ps2 hold l3 and press circle circle x square square x triangle triangle it also works on the sands of time

How do you be a police officer on gta Liberty City stories?

The cheat is L1, L1 , left, L1 ,L1 ,right ,square, triangle ( only works for PSP .)

What is the cheat for the hover car in gta san andreas?

In GTA San Andreas, the hover car cheat can be activated by pressing this combination - Square, Triangle, R1, L1, Up, Square, Triangle, Down, Circle, L2, L1, L1. This method only works when playing the game on Sony PlayStation 2.

The inverted triangle method works how?

It works by figuring it out.

Is there a cheat for ps2 that completes the game for you in gta san Andreas?

There Is A Cheat That You Can Use, But Players Have Reported That It Messes Up The Game, And It Freezes For 10 Or More Minutes, Then It Works Again. But To Be Honest, I Think You Should Complete The Game You're Self, That Way, It Is Easier, And You Will Understand How The Game Works. The Cheat Players Say That Works Is...Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle.I Have Tried The Cheat Over 40 Times When I Started The New Game, Nothing Happened, So The Cheat Actually Doesn't Work. But It Freezes The Game, You Can Try It, Incase It Works. But If It Doesn't Work, Sorry. I Tried My Best Helping You With This, From LittleMissExpert.

How do you make a cheat that works?

you dont, the cheat is programmed into the game and people find them out

What are some cheats for Roblox you can do with the RAM Cheat Engine?

You can not cheat with RAm. i have tried. the only cheat engine that works is Cheat Engine 5.5

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A triangle man is a thin man that works only his upper body until it becomes a triangle shape.

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Where is the hover car on simpsons hit and run?

The hover car is on apu's level talk to professor frink and blow up the hover car and you will get the hover car here's a cheat code to help you square,square,triangle,triangle :) don't worry it works I use all the time

Club Penguin member cheat?

im sorry but i have searched for years for a cp member cheat and i did find one but it didnt work so im sorry but theres no found cp membership cheats but ill keep looking for some and ill let you know if i find one that works

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there is no cheat and if you find one that WORKS let me know.

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get 2 accounts and send free mocha's! not really a cheat but it works well!!!;)

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This is a great cheat code and it actually works - its for 1000 gold :) 3958DQL7K32L53M9QQ74

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There is no money cheat on FarmVille. Nothing works on FarmVille now, Zynga have patched them all.

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i know one cheat code which always works and it is aztec

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