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No, GTA 5 was only released for Xbox 360, XBox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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โˆ™ 2018-03-20 01:24:52
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Q: Is there gta 5 for psp?
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How do you put gta 4 on your PSP by a computer?


What GTAgames can you get for PSP?

You can play GTA: Chinatown Wars; GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA :Vice City Stories on PSP.

When will GTAIV be coming out on PSP?

no, but there are two versions of gta for psp.

What is the flying car cheat on Grand Theft Auto 5 psp?

there is no flying car cheat in gta 5

Can you get a helicopter in gta on PSP?

download it

Is there a gta rated T on psp?


Do they swear in gta for the psp?

yes they do

Can you buy gta san andreas on psp?

No the game does not have a PSP version

Cheat in psp GTAliberty?

cheat for helicopter in gta liberty city on psp

How do you get GTAsan Andreas psp?

GTA San Andreas is available on the PS2, but not on the PSP.

How can you play gta online on the psp?

You can't!!

Will GTA San Andreas release on psp?


Can you use gta 4 on psp?


Can you crouch down in gta lcs psp?


Is GTA san adreas for psp?


Is there multiplayer for gta vcs on ps2?

No, but there is for PSP

When will GTA iv be available on psp?

Probably not......

Is there ever going to be a gta 4 on psp?


Is there a helicopter in gta lcs on psp?


Is there a gta 4 in psp 3000?


Can you get gta on psp for free?

No, you must pay for it.

Where can you get a army helicopter in vice city psp?

you can't get a army helicopter in gta vc because you can't fly in gta vc psp

Code de l avion gta vice city sur psp?

code avion gta vice city sur psp

Can you download GTA San Andreas on a psp go?

You must buy it from the Playstation Store except that San Andreas is not a PSP game title and only some other GTA titles are for the PSP. You can only play PSP titles on the PSP Go

How can i get GTA iv or GTA san Andreas on my psp without custom firmware?

you cant