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yeah there is new gta the new gta is gta 5 search it at bing and there another new gta the new gta is gta sahra

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โˆ™ 2009-08-18 08:00:40
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Q: Is there a new GTA
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Will their be a new gta?

gta fourth part Caesar city

What is the difference between GTA 4 and GTA 4 lost and damned?

TLAD is a download it has new bikes new missions and new xbox live game modes

How do you get a new hows in GTA IV?

You have to do missions if you want a new one

GTASan Andreas Stories?

No GTA San Andreas Stories but a new one is coming called GTA 4

What date will the new Grand Theft Auto be coming out?

The next GTA is GTA V and it is coming out on September 17, 2013.

Will GTA 4 go to Vice City?

No, its a new town

The new gta vice city 2 will it be for psp?

yes it will

How do you get a new apartment on gta 5?

it hasn't come out yet.

Is GTA 4 the same as GTA 3?

No, definatelly not. GTA 3 is kinda old, it was released in 2001. After this, they released GTA VICE CITY (2002) and GTA SAN ANDREAS (2004). GTA 4 is a new game, released in 2008. It's much modern than GTA 3. GTA 3 is only 2 cd's for the game (pc version), yet GTA 4 is 4 dvd's. That give an idea of how different the graphics and everything is.

Will there be a new Grand Theft Auto for ps2?

No there will not be. GTA 5 will not come in a PS2 version of the game and GTA 4 is not available for the PS2

Is there a new GTAcoming out?

Yes, GTA V is coming out on September 17,2013.

Is there going to be a new GTAfor ps2?

No PS2 did not even get GTA 4

When is a new gta releasing?

assuming you already have 4..... 2010-2011

What do you get if you complete assassin missions in gta 4?

a new car?i think

Can you hook up semi trailers on the new GTA 5?


What order to play gta games?

Gta 1, Gta 2, Gta 3, Gta Vice city, Gta san Andreas, Gta liberty city stories ,Gta vice city stories, Gta IV, and Gta Chinatown wars.

What Grand Theft Auto games are there?

GTA 1 GTA London 1969 GTA London 1961 GTA 2 GTA 3 GTA Vice GTA San Andreas GTA Advance GTA Liberty City Stories GTA Vice City Stories GTA IV GTA IV The Lost and Damned GTA IV The Ballad of Gay GTA Chinatown Wars

What are all the GTA games in the series of GTA?

Gta 1 gta London 1969 gta London 1961 gta 2 gta 3 gta vice city gta san Andreas gta advance gta liberty city stories gta vice city stories gta 4 gta 4 the lost and damned gta Chinatown wars gta 4 the ballad of gay tony gta 4 the lost and damned and gta 4 the ballad of gay tony are both availabe in gta episodes from liberty city. People said that gta 5 will release in 2012 but it is not announced now.

Is there a new GTAcoming out in 2010?

Yes new gta will come out in 2010 and all graphics in that game will be real!!!

Grand Theft Auto for playstation 2?

The original GTA games can be played on the PS2: GTA I, GTA 2, GTA London. GTA games for the PS2: GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas.

How many GTAgames were made?

The GTA games produced are: GTA I GTA London GTA II GTA III GTA: Vice City GTA Advance (for Game Boy Advance) GTA: San Andreas GTA: Liberty City Stories GTA: Vice City Stores (for the PSP) GTA: IV GTA: Chinatown Wars GTA: Episodes from Liberty City The Lost & The Damned The Ballad of Gay Tony

Your gta San Andreas is slow how do you fix this?

you get a new game or a better sytem

How much does GTA 4 cost?

Used is 25$. But new from what I know is 60$.

How you can add new cars in gta san Andreas in PC?

you mod your game

When do you get a new house on gta 4?

a solid 30 minutes of the story should get you there