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Q: Is there a game you could play with you Friend?
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Can you play call of duty black ops only if your friend has the game disc?

Do not understand question. If you are at a friend's house and he has a game of course you might be able to play it there or friends have even been know to let you take a game home and play it on your own console. A game disc is needed to play the game each time you play. it is not downloaded into the machine and if two different consoles want to play each other both need the game. You do not get to use the friend's game and could not because that part of the game is not downloaded. You can take the friend's game home play other people just like if you purchase a used game, but he could no longer play because you have his game

What games can you play when you are texting a friend?

You could try the "Let's spell the words correctly" game.

How do you invite a friend to play a game?


Where can one play the Breakout game?

You can play the game at a lot of various websites you could also download the game from websites and you could buy it from any shop to play on. You could also play the Breakout game online.

What should you and your friend play?

tag your it its not a baby game

Where can you play sims 3 for free?

At a friend's house who has the game.

Do you have to have the same game to play Xbox live with a friend?

Yes you do

If you have a wi-fi game for Wii and you want to play someone who does not have the same game can you still play with them?

no they have to have the same game because a friend id is required to play online.

Does Anyone know any games that I can make to play With my Blind Friend?

maybe you could make a game where you hear sounds and he has to tell you what the sounds are.

PlayStation 2 system play ps3 game?

no can't even read game discs and could not play them if they could

What could you do at a playdate?

play all day long with your friend

What to do inside on a summer day?

You could cool down, watch TV, watch some movies, eat ice cream and popsicles, play a board game, play on the computer, have a friend over, call a friend, bake or make crafts!

Wii and got a friend who has a ps3 can you play with him if you have the same game wifi?


Dose sly cooper 3 have co-op missons?

You can not play the actual game with a friend but there are mini-games that you can play with one other friend.

Can you play xbox games on xbox360?

you could play any game

How do you get a boyfriend on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters is game to play, not a place to find a boy friend. Play the game, make friends, and have fun!

Can you play Minecraft with a friend who didn't buy it?

No. To play together online both of you need to buy the game.

Does black doom survive in shadow the hedgehog?

Buy The Game,Rent The Game, Or Play with a friend and find out!

Could you play with a friend in mutiplayer assassins creed brotherhood?


Can you borrow a game from a friend and download it onto your PS3?

The game disc is required to play the game even after you have played it once. Sorry but you can't it will be cool if Sony makes a program where you could do it that way you won't have to worry about scratches.

Can you play Digimon World 3 on a ps2?

If you have a copy of the game that is not burnt then you could play the Playstation game

Can i play animal crossing with my friend over wifi eventhough i don't have the game?


Where can you play Metroid without download?

Find a friend who owns a Metroid game.

What is the best game to play at your friends house?

Anything you and your friend like and can agree on!! :)

My friend told me that a wii can play any game from different game systems Can a Wii play any game?

No the Wii can only play Wii games. and I am only a 10 year old girl.