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There are several cheats for this game, but not one for infinite ammo. There is a cheat for a larger clip with the sniper rifle, and the cheat for that is to enter the word "Magazine" in the codename option. You may also get a scope upgrade for the rifle by entering "Scope."

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Q: Is there a cheat get infinite ammo in James Bond 007 nightfire for ps2?
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Is there a cheat to get infinite life in James Bond 007 nightfire for ps2?

No [wikiwizard96] i have looked every where but no one has a cheat for it. lol for having the game though.

How do you unlock doors in 007 nightfire James Bond?


What are the codes to unlock missions on James Bond nightfire?


What are the release dates for James and Mike Play - 2012 James Bond 007 Nightfire 1-22?

James and Mike Play - 2012 James Bond 007 Nightfire 1-22 was released on: USA: 25 November 2013

Is there multiplayer in James Bond nightfire ps2?

yes and its the best multiplayer ever

How to you download the James Bond 007 nightfire game and on which page i cam found it?

Its very Easy. You can download James Bond 007: Nightfire from some blogger Blogs. See the related links to download.

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007 nightfire is on PC, but there isn't a online one as far as i know

When was James Bond 007 the game made?

"Goldeneye 007 reloaded" is rated 9.4 out of 5. Also Everything or Nothing or James Bond 007: Nightfire are pretty good.

In James Bond nightfire how do you use AA remote controlled tank?

look strait down on it and press a (game cube)

How do you complete James Bond nightfire?

You have to complete all the missions to complete "007 Nightfire" if you really wanted to get it one hundred percent you would have to unlock every thing and get all the up grades and other stuff

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Where can I find cheat codes for the James Bond video game?

How do you type in cheats for James Bond nightfire on ps2?

Well you have to go in codenames and type in cheats. But anotherwards no cheats. ONLY ON THE PC. *console*

What are the cheats for James Bond 007 nightfire ps2?

Cheat CodesThe following cheats are available for James Bond 007: NightFire on the PlayStation 2 video game console.Cheats are entered at the Secrets menu. Simply enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat's effect.Cheat code: PARTYCheat's effect: All Multiplayer CharactersCheat code: GAMEROOMCheat's effect: All Multiplayer ScenariosCheat code: Q LABCheat's effect: All Q GadgetsCheat code: VOODOOCheat's effect: Baron Samedi in MultiplayerCheat code: MAGAZINECheat's effect: Bigger Sniper Rifle ClipCheat code: BLACKTIECheat's effect: Bond Tux in MultiplayerCheat code: SHUTTERCheat's effect: Camera UpgradeCheat code: NUCLEARCheat's effect: Christmas Jones in MultiplayerCheat code: SESAMECheat's effect: Decryptor UpgradeCheat code: TNTCheat's effect: Destruction Mode in MultiplayerCheat code: Number 1Cheat's effect: Drake Suit in MultiplayerCheat code: BOOMCheat's effect: Explosive Scenery in MultiplayerCheat code: PHOTONCheat's effect: Faster LaserCheat code: TARGETCheat's effect: Golden Gun

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What cheats are there for the James Bond games?

James Bond 007: NightFire CheatsTags: James Bond 007: NightFire Cheats, James Bond 007: NightFire Cheat Codes, James Bond 007: NightFire Hints, James Bond 007: NightFire SecretsPlatform: GameCubeJames Bond 007: NightFire Vehicle Mode CheatsThe following codes only work in vehicle stages:Frantic mode - This code works while playing any vehicle stage. Pause the game, hold L and press B, Y, X, B, Y, X, release L.Berserk mode - pause the game, hold L and press B, Y, Y, B, Y, X, release L.Trailers - pause the game, hold L and press B, X, X, B, release L.Double armor - pause the game, hold L and press X, Y, B, X, X, release L.Triple armor - pause the game, hold L and press X, Y, B, X, X, X, release L.Quadruple armor - pause the game, hold L and press X, Y, B, X, X, X, X, release L.Super bullets - pause the game, hold L and press X, X, X, X, release L.The following codes work only when playing the Enemies Vanquished level.Unlock Shelby Cobra - pause the game, hold L and press RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, UP, release L.Unlock SUV - pause the game, hold L and press B, X, Y, B, Y, release L.Apline Bonus Race - pause the game, hold L and press X, X, B, B, Y, release L.James Bond 007: NightFire Level Select CheatsSelect the Codenames option, then enter the codes at the Secrets Screen. Save your Codename after entering the code.Level select - PASSPORTPlay Alpine Escape - POWDERPlay Chain Reaction - MELTDOWNPlay Countdown - BLASTOFFPlay Deep Descent - AQUAPlay Double Cross - BONSAIPlay Enemies Vanquished - TRACTIONPlay Equinox - VACUUMPlay Island Infiltration - PARADISEPlay Night Shift - HIGHRISEPlay Phoenix Fire - FLAMEJames Bond 007: NightFire Multiplayer CheatsSelect the Codenames option, then enter the codes at the Secrets Screen. Save your Codename after entering the code.All multi-player options - GAMEROOMUnlock Assassination option - TARGETUnlock Demolition option - TNTUnlock Explosive Scenery option - BOOMUnlock GoldenEye Strike option - ORBITUnlock Protection option - GUARDIANUnlock Team King Of The Hill - TEAMWORKUnlock Uplink option - TRANSMITUnlock all characters - PARTYUnlock Baron Samedi - VOODOOUnlock Bond Spacesuit - ZERO GUnlock Bond Tuxedo - BLACKTIEUnlock Christmas Jones - NUCLEARUnlock Drake - NUMBER 1Unlock Elektra King - SLICK Unlock Goldfinger - MIDASUnlock Jaws - DENTALUnlock Max Zorin - BLIMPUnlock Mayday - BADGIRLUnlock Nick Nack - BITESIZEUnlock Oddjob - BOWLERUnlock PUSEY GALOR - CIRCUSUnlock Renard - HEADCASEUnlock Scaramanga - ASSASSINUnlock Wai Lin - MARTIALUnlock Xenia Onatopp - JANUSJames Bond 007: NightFire Weapon CheatsSelect the Codenames option, then enter the codes at the Secrets Screen. Save your Codename after entering the code.All gadget upgrades - Q LABBigger clip, sniper rifle - MAGAZINERifle scope upgrade - SCOPECamera upgrade - SHUTTERDecrypter upgrade - SESAMEP2K upgrade - P2000Golden P2K - AU P2KGolden PP7 - AU PP7Grapple upgrade - LIFTOFFLaser upgrade - PHOTONStunner upgrade - ZAPTranquilizer upgrade - SLEEPYCar missile upgrade - LAUNCHJames Bond 007: NightFire Unlock Multiplayer StagesEnter GAMEROOM.James Bond 007: NightFire Uplink ModeEnter TRANSMIT as a code to unlock Uplink Mode.James Bond 007: NightFire Protect ModeEnter GUARDIAN as a code to unlock Protect Mode.James Bond 007: NightFire Assassination ModeEnter SCOPE as a code to unlock Assassination Mode.James Bond 007: NightFire Explosive SceneryTo make the scenery, well, explosive, enter this code: BOOM.James Bond 007: NightFire Team King of the Hill ModeTo unlock Team King of the Hill Mode, enter this code: TEAMWORK.James Bond 007: NightFire Level SelectEnter PASSPORT as a code to unlock all of the levels in the game.James Bond 007: NightFire Infinite Missiles (Car Only)During a driving stage, pause the game and hold L. Press B, Y, Y, B, Y, X.James Bond 007: NightFire All UpgradesEnter Q LAB (note the space between Q and LAB) in the cheat screen.James Bond 007: NightFire Unlock CharactersEnter PARTY in the cheat screen to unlock all characters in multi-player.James Bond 007: NightFire Unlock Demolition ModeEnter TNT in the cheat screen to unlock Demolition mode in multi-player.James Bond 007: NightFire Bug - Mountain SqueezeThis glitch lets you drive on the mountains. Select 'Enemies Vanquished' mission. Chose operative difficulty for more time. Once the mission starts, drive to the first police car behind the board. Let the police spot you and turn around and drive where the snow hill blocks the road close where you started. DO NOT use smoke screen or you stop the police car.Crash the corner where the edges of the road intersect with the snow hill(doesn't matter which side) and let the police car hit you from behind. The hit should make your car to face straight up and tilt on to the snow. There you can drive on the mountains. NOTE: If you fall on the other side of the mountains. You might not be able to go back up. Your car will also disapear only seeing Bond and Zoe sitting on nothing.

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