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Grand Thief Auto series is a funny game but Metal Gear Solid is everything in real life and soldier life so Metal Gear beats Grand Thief Auto.

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Q: Is MGS or Grand Thief Auto the best game?
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What video game is Big Smoke in?

Grand thief auto San Andreas

How do you become a girl on grand thief auto iv?

You cant be a girl in the game only a guy

What is The Gta sa original handling lines?

If You mean the PC-game, it's Grand Thief Auto

What is the best game on a playstation2?

The best sold game is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What does Grand Theft Auto promote?

its the best game can beat its gameplay

Is Grand Theft Auto the best game?

my opinon it sanadreas

Demo Grand Theft Auto?

The best demo for the game Grand Theft Auto can be found in the Play Store on your PlayStation. This is a free download but only includes part of the game.

What is the best Grand Theft Auto game ever?

San andreas

What Grand Theft Auto game is the best?

GTA San Andreas

What video game has the best music?

grand theft auto 4

Is Grand Theft Auto a bad game?

no gta vice city is a best game ever

Which is the latest Grand Theft Auto game?

grand theft auto 4 is the latest game in the series, however, many people including myself think that grand theft auto san Andreas was the best game in the series. there is more things to do like gang terratory, parachuting, and much much more.

What is the best car game on Playstation 2?

Grand Theft Auto III

What is the best-selling game in 2009-2010?

grand theft auto iv

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 the best game?

It is a fun game, but be careful to not take it too seriously.

What is the most popular Grand Theft Auto game?

Grand Theft Auto Sanandreas or Grand Theft Auto 4.

Best PS2 game?

The game that has sold the most copies is the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which makes it at least the best selling

Best game for PSP?

Easy question, Grand Theft Auto #1! (or #2)

Which GTA game is GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto five is the fifth Grand Theft Auto game if you don't count ALL of those side Grand Theft Auto games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City.

When did Grand Theft Auto - video game - happen?

Grand Theft Auto - video game - happened in 1997.

Is there is a game of Grand Theft Auto by Grand Theft Auto terriosism name?


What is the third game of Grand Theft Auto?

Grand theft auto 3.

What is the first game of Grand Theft Auto?

grand theft auto III

When was Grand Theft Auto - video game - created?

Grand Theft Auto - video game - was created in 1997-10.

What Car Game has the best car selection?

grand theft auto or the simpsons hit and run