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No, Grand Theft Auto IV is not on the PS2, it is on the PS3.

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2009-12-20 08:25:15
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Q: Is Grand Theft Auto four made for playstation two?
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What is the to get a four wheeler in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn't exist.

What is the cheat to get a four wheeler in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The cheat to get a four-wheeler in "Grand Theft Auto" is: fourwheelfun

Why is Grand theft auto four rated M?

Because it is violent.

How do you get Grand Theft Auto two on the computer on Grand Theft Auto Four?

The Grand Theft Auto 2 on Grand Theft Auto IV is a fake,In bloopers, glitches, and silly stuff by Ben Buja from Machinima, they show it.All they did was push forward on Right stick, and added GTA 2 sound effects.

When is Grand Theft Auto four going to be on ps2?

I do not know but i want it on ps2

How do you change skin color in Grand Theft Auto four?

Try to modify it.

Can you play Grand Theft Auto 4 two players on the same Xbox on Xbox live?

grand theft auto four can only be played with one person on one console

You are a 10 year old boy and should you be allowed on Grand Theft Auto four?

As long as your parents think its ok, although i think 10 year olds should be allowed to go on grand theft auto four.

How do you become a ice cream man in Grand Theft Auto four?

You cannot become an Ice Cream man in Grand Theft Auto 4 without the use of a third-party modification.

What does spawn mean on grandtheft auto four?

on grand theft auto sanandras spawn means get for example get faster cars

How do you play multiplayer on Grand Theft Auto four?

go on your phone it will say 2 players

Is there a grand theft auto four for regular xbox?

no. only for xbox 360, ps3 and pc.

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