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In many states juvenile records are marked confidential after the defendant turns eighteen and are only accessible under certain circumstances; however, the conviction is not "taken off" of your record.

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Q: If a crime is committed before your 18 does it get taken off your record when you do turn 18?
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What is it called when a person who has committed a crime is arrested and returned to the state where the crime was committed?

Extradition, or extraditing depends on if the person has been taken to the other state or not.

Can i travel abroad after they have taken my fingerprints?

i think it depends on how bad the crime you committed was

How can you get some thing taken off your criminal record?

you can only get something taken off a criminal record if a court judge proves that you are innocent and that the charge was incorrect. if you really did do the crime/you were found guilty at court or appeal you are stuck with that record forever - sorry!

What is the apprehension of a suspect?

Basically it indicates that a person who is suspected of having committed a specified crime has been taken into custody by authorities.

How is robbery both a crime against property and a crime against a person?

the robbery itself is a crime againcst a person. the property is what is or was taken during the crime of robberyADDITIONAL: Despite its common usage in everyday language - - legally the word "ROBBERY" applies ONLY to offenses committed against persons.Crimes committed against property are legally described as "LARCENY" and "BURGLARY."

If my parents have custody of my niece and two nephews can the children get taken away if there is a parolee living under the same roof?

depends on the crime that was committed.

What are the two main parts of a police report?

The body of the report which described the Type of crime being committed and The Actions Taken/Concluding portion of the Report

How does a record become number one seller before it is released?

People preorder, and that's taken into account.

Can you become a teacher if you are on probation?

No. Anyone who has committed a crime can not become a teacher. Fingerprints are taken and a background check is done in several steps to getting/becoming a teacher.

What are the types of crime scene search method?

dusting for fingerprints, forensics, evidence of a struggle, how has the body (if any) been killed, what has been taken, who is the victim of the crime, does the victim have a criminal record, does the victim have any links to the criminal/suspect.

Can felony drug charges be taken off a record in New Hampshire?

If you're convicted of a felony, it will remain on your record for life.Added: Quoted from the NH expungement law: "A person convicted of a violent crime, of any crime of obstruction of justice, or of any offense for which the petitioner was sentenced to an extended term of imprisonment is not eligible for annulment."

What are preliminary crimes?

Preliminary is an action or preceding for something more important. A preliminary crimes are events that have taken place before a crime.

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