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The first GTA game by Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto, was released in 1997.

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Q: How long has the Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto been out?
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How long has Grand Theft Auto been around?

The main game of grand theft auto IV was released in April 2008.

How long has Grand Theft Auto 4 been around?

The main game of grand theft auto IV was released in April 2008.

Is there a game called Grand Theft Auto Long Beach?

No there is not

How long is a game hour in Grand Theft Auto?

in all grand theft auto games an hour lasts 24 minutes and a minute lasts a second.

How do you get on 2 player mode on Grand Theft Auto IV?

There never was one in GTA IV to begin with. They removed Two-player Splitscreen from the game not long after Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas.

What are the release dates for Nerdibles - 2013 Grand Theft Auto 5 Ride-a-Long 1-15?

Nerdibles - 2013 Grand Theft Auto 5 Ride-a-Long 1-15 was released on: USA: 24 September 2013

Does Grand Theft Auto for the Xbox work on the Xbox 360?

yes as long as you have a hard drive

How long are you in prision for doing Grand Theft Auto?

After you are busted your screen will be blank and after that you are free in the jail

How long does it take to download and install grand theft auto episodes from liberty city to windows 7?

Very long...

You are a 10 year old boy and should you be allowed on Grand Theft Auto four?

As long as your parents think its ok, although i think 10 year olds should be allowed to go on grand theft auto four.

How do you unlock the comedy club in Grand Theft Auto 4?

if you play long enough it should eventually get unlocked

Will Niko be in Grand Theft Auto Long Beach?

Nah( ̄ー ̄) every character in the GTA games are different.

How long has rockstar games been making Grand Theft Auto 5?

Rockstar announced the existance of GTA V in October 2011, but has not announced how much of it was built at that point.

What is the worlds longest video game ever made?

well i think its grand theft auto they have pretty long games

How long does it take for the end of the world cheat for grand theft auto san andreas to work?

Repetitively tap x

Can you get out on bond for Grand theft auto charge?

Normally yes, so long as you are not considered a risk for flight. (running away)

How you get jobs on Grand Theft Auto iv?

To get jobs on grand theft auto IV you must search on your map then go to a place.(really...anywhere!) Then press some kind of button or something. (My answers may be wrong but I havent played this game for a long time.)

In Grand Theft Auto 4 can niko dive?

Niko can go into the water but he cannot go underwater for long without dying.

What does stretch say in the car in gta 5 in the mission the long stretch?

The Long Stretch refers to a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, it was given to Franklin.

Can you get a Grand Theft Auto 4 for Christmas?

yes from any stor better to reserve it so when its christmas you wont be in the big long q's waiting to pay for it and they not have it because it has been bought by others

How long is GTA 4?

There are a lot of mission in Grand Theft Auto 4, but some people have managed to beat the game in one day! It isn't too long.

What is the penalty for Grand Theft Auto in Wyoming?

Long term imprisonment depending upon the exact of theft. Remember that grand theft auto or motor vehicle theft could apply to several forms of theft including: The theft and “hotwiringâ€ù of a parked vehicle. The theft or “borrowingâ€ù of a parked car with the keys, presumably taken without the owner’s consent. Carjacking which may involve assault or the threat of assault. Opportunistic theft, involving a parked or running car that has been left unattended with the keys still visible. Fraudulent theft, involving the illegal acquisition of the car with questionable funds

How long will my friend be in jail He was charged with grand theft auto and two warrants?

Without knowing what those two warrants were for, we cannot give an accurate estimation. For the Grand Theft Auto, alone, the defendant could serve anywhere from a year to five years in prison, or potentially receive alternative sanctions.

How long will it take Grand Theft Auto 4 to install in your laptop?

If you want to get gta 4 on your laptop like me it would take about 1 week

How do you use flying cars on Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 after you do the cheat?

find a long road, then push up on the analog stick and FLY