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Very long...

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Q: How long does it take to download and install grand theft auto episodes from liberty city to windows 7?
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How do you install service pack 1 for windows vista can not do it through windows update?

You can download through windows update, and it will also install it for you.

When you are going to install opera 15 on windows xp an error is apeared that windows codecs dll not found tell you how to install it?

Download install WIC (Windows Imaging Component).

How install Windows 7 loader?

download window 7 loader and simply install it

How can you save in episodes from Liberty City offline without windows live?

you can but i cant remember :(

How can you install Google Chrome in windows 7?

Download google chrome and let it install. done !!

How you download and install Talking Tom Cat for free to Windows XP?


Does windows 7 come with itunes already installed?

No, it does not. You have download and install it.

How do you install vlc in windows?

Just go to and download the windows version of the VLC Media Player. From there auto-install will guide you through it.

How do I download and install windows 8.1 for surface pro after factory reset?

You will need the key to download and install Windows 8.1 for the Surface Pro after a factory reset. You can call the company and ask for the key.

How do you get Windows XP service packs?

Either tell windows to check for and install updates, or go to windows website and download them from there.

How do you install Skype on a Windows Mobile?

go to download the CAB file put it on your device and then install

How do you Skin windows live messenger?

If you install Windows Live Messenger Plus you can download skins and use them.

How do you install GTA Punjab?

we will install grand theft auto liberty city in one from windows 7 computer

If I download Windows 10 on my mac will all of my files get deleted?

You cannot just download and install Windows on your Mac. To install Windows on your mac you will have to partition your hard drive and then install Windows on that new partition. This will have no effect on your existing OSx. To do this you can use Boot Camp already installed on your Mac or Parallels which you must purchase.

How do you upgrade windows movie maker?

Download and install the newest version of the program.

How do I install xampp into my Windows XP .how long will it take to install?

Not long. Just download xampp and run the installation.

How can I run Windows XP inside Windows 7?

If you own Windows 7 professional, you can install a virtual copy of Windows XP which you can download from windows updates. If you don't have a copy of the professional version you can download VMware's or SUN micro's free virtual machine and install a copy of XP on to that and run it within windows 7.

How can you install vista explorer in Windows XP?

if you mean windows explorer 7, then just download it from the Microsoft site.

Does Windows XP dynamic updates download service pack?

I think about situation, when you install Windows from your current OS.

How do you download Skype on Windows 7?

Go to, download the installation file for windows. The installer will automatically recognize version of your OS and install required files.

Can you download the zune software to 2010 iMac?

Not without installing Windows on your Mac. You can use Macintosh Boot Camp or Parallels to install Windows on a Macintosh computer. Remember, once you install Windows on Mac you must into install security software for that Windows partition.

Can you install windows 7 in atom?

no but if you have a hotmail address go on your in box and it says windows 7 download do that and you can have windows 7 as your new computer!!!

Is it possible to install Windows Movie Maker not windows live movie maker in a Windows 7?

Yes it is. You can download Windows Movie Maker from microsoft's website.

How do you dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu?

install xp, then after that install ubuntu. both are fairly easy to do, just follow the stepsOther Answer....Firs install Windows XP.Then download Vubi.Run the Vubi installer and that is that.

How can you install iTunes on Windows Vista?

Download the itunes installer from . This works for xp and vista.