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Buy a psp USB cable plug in to psp and computer it will be in my computer

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โˆ™ 2009-06-23 15:04:25
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Q: How do you send games from your compueter to your PSP?
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Do they send you a bill when you download games from the psp go?

You pay for the games before you download them.

How do you put music from yourmp3 player to your psp?

you send the music to your laptop/computer then send to psp

Can the PSP vita play PSP games?

It is supposed to be able to play the PSP games, but the PSP can not play the Vita games

Will a PSP 3001 play all PSP games?

yes all psp games works on every psp psp vita games doesnt work on a regular psp

Can you use PSP games on a PS3?

You can store the games for the PSP but can not play PSP games on the PS3

If you send an old psp to sony will they send you a free psp slimlite?

No, why would they? They're a business, not a charity.

Can you play PSP games on ps2?

No PSP games play in a PSP not in a PS2

Can you play psp games on a ps2 system?

No PSP games are for PSP systems

Will PSP go games be playable on PSP 3000?

for psp go games you have to download them there is no UMD slot for the games so you cant play psp go games on a psp 3000 unless your psp 3000 is chipped.

Can you get the same games on the PSP go as you can on the PSP?

No, sadly not all PSP games can be found on the PSP Go.

Where to get PSP repaired?

Send it off to the PSP office and they will repair it for you.

Can you buy PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 games for your PSP 1000?

yes all psp games work for all kinds of psp even psp vita but psp vita games dont work on regular psp but still yes all games work for ur psp 1000

Can you use PSP games in the PSP go?

If you mean PSP games on UMD, no, the PSP Go does not have a slot for UMD.

Can the PSP go play PSP games?

NO! You downlowd all games on PSP go!

Can you play PSP games on PSP go?

No. You can only download the games for psp go.

How do you play PS vita games on PSP?

PSP Vita games can not be played on the PSP

Can you play a PC games on PSP?

no, you can not why? because its a psp silly. psp will only play psp games and ps1 games with out it being modified of course

How do you get ps3 games move them and download them into psp memory stick?

No you get PSP games on your PS3 at the PlayStation Store and then you move them to the PSP. The PSP will not play PS3 games, but the PS3 can download and store the PSP games and not play them

Can PSP go games work on PSP?

There is no such thing as a 'PSP Go' game. The PSP Go connects to the PlayStation Network, where it can download games. The PSP already has access to those games.

Can you play Japanese PSP games in a PSP that you bought from Portugal?

yes all psp games works on every psp

How many games are there on the PSP?

There are exactly 1,560 games on the PSP...

Dowload PSP games?

No, you can't dowload psp games

How do you download Pokemon games in psp?

There are no Pokemon games for PSP.

Can PSP go games be played on a PSP?

no because the psp go games have to be downloaded it on a software

Can games for a PSP 1001 be played on a PSP 2000?

There are no such things as 'PSP 1001' games. All UMD games work with all models of the PSP, excluding the PSP GO which has no UMD slot.