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depends, what is safe mode?

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โˆ™ 2009-04-02 13:27:07
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Q: How do you run san Andreas in safe mode or is it not possible?
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How do you run DVD in safemode?

There is no way to run a DVD in safe mode. DVD's can be burnt in safe mode and program disks can be installed in safe mode though.

Why is it best to run AV software in Safe Mode?

Normal viruses don't run in safe mode.

How do you run prince of Persia if computer is writing use safe mode?

Then get safe mode and use it, and you can run prince of Persia on your computer.

Why does your laptop run OK in safe mode but not in normal mode?

You may have drivers (programs that tell your hardware how to run) that are faulty, in SAFE MODE all drivers are not loaded.

Device drivers loaded in the Autoexec.bat run in what mode?

Safe Mode

How do you run mw3 on safe mode?

If you close MW3 down by using task manager, when you try to open run MW3 again it will give you the option to run in safe mode.

How do you get rid of Trojan horse agent r.XJ?

You go into safe mode with networking. Next find a free download of combofix. Google it, bleeping computer has a free download for it. run that in safe mode. then run malwarebytes in safe mode. lastly, run your antivirus in safe mode. after you do all three, then restart your computer and you should be fine. hope this helps

How do you run internet explorer in safe mode?

HI, check this link . it explains how to run IE in safe mode

How to open windows in safe mode?

turn on computer, press F8 to get to the menu of modes in which to run your computer, select safe mode

Which operating mode is used by Windows XP to run a DOS application?

You can use any mode.. Normally it can use from safe mode and normal mode..

How do you take your computer off safe mode?

You have to reboot. there is no other way. Safe mode is just windows loaded with just the basic drivers required to run.

What is safe mode on Android?

Safe mode is a method that allows the device to run without non-essential applications. This is beneficial for troubleshooting 3rd party applications.

Disc defrag won't finish on windows xp?

The very best way to run defrag is to startup your PC in Safe Mode and then run the defrag. Safe Mode is available by rebooting your PC and start tapping your F8 key (I tap it about once a second) until a menu comes up asking how you want to startup. Select the Safe Mode option and enter. ... if you're in the normal mode close all applications that are running then defrag but still the best way is "to run defrag is to startup your PC in Safe Mode..."

How starting an entirely new browsing session?

this is a very extreme version of thatsafe mode will make it start blank (new session) every time +disable lots of garbage.WindowsThis should not be confused with restarting the computer in Windows Safe Mode!Use the "Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)", "Mozilla Thunderbird (Safe Mode)", or "Mozilla Thunderbird (No Extensions)" shortcut in the Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird program folder on the Windows Start Menu. If this shortcut is missing, you can start in Safe Mode by selecting "Start -> Run" (on Windows Vista, use "Start Search" or enable the Run box, as described here) and entering,For Firefox, one of these:firefox -safe-mode"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-modeFor Thunderbird, one of these:thunderbird -safe-mode"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -safe-modeAdjust the path accordingly, if you installed your Mozilla program in a different location than shown above.LinuxOn Linux, you can go to your Terminal and run (for Firefox): /path/to/firefox/firefox -safe-modeMac OS XOn Mac OS X, go to Utilities (in the Applications folder) and open Terminal, then run (for Firefox): /Applications/ -safe-modeAnd for Thunderbird, this is the line to run in Terminal:/Applications/ -safe-modeIf you have installed the application to another location, modify the path as such. It's the "-safe-mode" command line parameter that's crucial here.

How can you get sound on safe mode?

You cannot enable sound in Safe Mode, nor do you have any reason to. The purpose of Safe Mode is to run in a failsafe environment where you can repair problems that prevent you from running Windows normally. Sound is both unnecessary for most diagnostics and is a potential source of problems in itself. You should thus focus on using Safe Mode to restore normal functionality, not trying to add functionality to Safe Mode.

Does safe mode restore windows settings to the settings used in the last successful boot up?

No. Safe mode just loads applications and drivers required for windows to start. To restore settings you can run system restore in safe mode. You can also select "Last known good configuration" on the screen you choose to boot into safe mode.

Malware that won't stay deleted?

I've run into a couple that will keep renaming themselves. Install a good Anti-Malware such as SuperAntiSpyware or MalwareBytes. You will need to install it in regular mode, then reboot into safe mode (press F8 when the computer starts up) and run the cleaner in Safe Mode.

How do you get your hard drive into DOS mode so it can be formatted?

if you want to fromat a hard drive for windowsXP then read this... /a< you will need your winXP cd This a fast trick to get you computer in DOS mode. Power off your computer then power it back on, while your computer is turning on keep pressing F8 repeatedly until you computer prompts you how you want to run. Some of your options will be run in safe mode, run in safe mode with networking, but you will select run in DOS mode. Once your in your DOS mode then you are ready to go!

How do you launch Mozilla Firefox in safe mode?

Open the run box, by pressing the start button and then clicking run (or windowskey-r) in the box that shows up, type: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-mode

How do you run a USB 2.0 device on a computer that only has USB 1.1 ports?

try to run in safe mode... that's what i do...

Why is it best to run antivirus software in safe mode?

Limited program/driver support. More secure mode if you use without networking.

Why cant I open my antivirus software?

Maybe you have got a virus. Try starting a computer in Safe Mode. See - how to run a Safe Mode on different versions of Windows.

Why do most process's not work in safe mode?

This is because safe mode run only those process which are necessary for functioning and will not cause any trouble for sure. Other process may do something or the other.

What if your computer restarts after you log in think its virus but it restarts before I can run antivirus is there any simple way to fix this?

You Can Fix It In Safe Mode , Then In Safe Mode Run The Anti , If Your Anti Support The ( Scan Before The ShellStart ) , Activate It . And Restart It , SIMPLE ! And Sorry For Terrible English ! ;)

Can you run a computer in safe mode if there is no operating system?

Safe-mode is an option for operating systems whereby many of the extra features are turned off so that one can investigate a problem. Therefore and operating system is required