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Playing GTA 4 and 5 are easy to do. All you have to do is follow the missions in the game.

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2014-11-16 19:32:07
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Q: How do you play cop mode in gta 4 and 5 for Xbox 360?
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How to play cop mode in GTA 5 for Xbox 360?

You will have to be on a certain mission to play the cop mod on GTA. GTA is a type of game.

How do you be a cop gta iv xbox 360?

There is no way to do so.

Is there a cheat to be a cop on gta4 xbox 360?

No, but you can get cheat to get a FBI Buffalo and it has the cop computer where you can search people and call for back up.

Are there any good cop games for XBOX 360?

You could always try Grand Theft Auto .

What system is Grand Theft Auto iv cop mode in?

There is a multiplayer mode called cops n crooks where you are either a cop or a criminal , this is featured on the multiplayer of every system that has gta iv PC , 360 and ps3

Can you be a cop in gta 4?

you can play the online game mode "cops and crooks" or you can get a player selector mod.

Is there a mode to be a cop in gta San Andreas?

not even a target mode is there

Is paul Bart mall cop on Netflix?

You have to order it and receive it I'm the mail... It isn't on the streaming that you can get for your wii, Xbox or play station...

How do you put vigilante mode on in GTA IV?

To get Niko into vigilante mode, you have to jack a cop car and tap into the cop's in-car computer. You will be prompted to do this, and then you can scan the options for the vigilante missions.

How do you get a cop uniform in GTAiv?

You can't get a uniform in GTA IV, but you can hunt down criminals via the police computer in any cop car (including fib buffalo) by pressing: on PC - E, on Xbox 360: LB, On PS3, L1 I think. However, in GTA San Andreas you are able to wear a cop uniform, and even a paramedic suit!

Are there any good cop video games for XBOX 360?

Well I asked this question myself a while ago.After that I checked websites and looked at 12 different forums about cop games and watched videos and did a lot of stuff to find out,are there any good cop video games out there.Well I found a couple answers I found the game SWAT but you a swat officer not a cop or police officer and you mostly kill people not arrest them.Then i found the game true crime.Now this game in my opinion to the date of Feb 24,2011 is the closest you can get to a police game.Yes you arrest people.It is also 3rd person.No you do not where a cop outfit(only in the first one you have a cop outfit).Now I think true crime is only for PS2,but True Crime La, is for XBOX (original), PS2,And PC. I'm pretty sure that this game can be played on the Xbox360 but I"m not100% sure. From Josh: Have you ever played L.A Noire?? That game is for Xbox 360 Created by Rockstar. :) You play as A Detective named Cole Phelps. You Drive around the city of L.A With A Partner Solving Cases and do street Crimes. :)

Can you be a cop in Grand Theft Auto 4 without XBOX 360 live?

It is probably worth visiting The Grand Theft Wiki site, which has a comprehensive section on Modifications. Hopefully this may answer your query more

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