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you do a cheat code

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Q: How do you get a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 1?
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How do you get a helicopter for Grand Theft Auto 1?

you dont

Is Grand Theft Auto san Andreas available on PS 1?

No. only grand theft auto 1 The only GTA games released on the PlayStation Console are: Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969, Grand Theft Auto 2, Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961 Note that the "London" games are add-ons to Grand Theft Auto, and Grand theft auto 2, '69 to GTA '61 to GTA 2.

How many gta games are there?

Grand theft auto 1. Grand theft auto london 1969 and 1961. grand theft auto 2. grand theft auto 3. grand theft auto vice city. grand theft auto advance. grand theft auto san andreas. grand theft auto liberty city stories. grand theft auto vice city stories. grand theft auto 4. grand theft auto chinatown wars. grand theft auto episodes from liberty city(GTA LOST AND DAMMNED AND BALLAD OF GAY TONY)...AND OF COURSE GTA 5. So I will say about 12.

What game system is for Grand Theft Auto 1?

Grand theft auto 1 is on the ps1 and i think the computer.

How can you get the Batmobile in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

You can't get it because it only comes for Grand Theft Auto 1.

What is the first Grand Theft Auto?

It was just called Grand Theft Auto, it was for PlayStation 1 and it was 2d top view.

Grand Theft Auto 1 release date was?

The first Grand Theft Auto game was released in October 1997.

How many helicopter tours are in Grand Theft Auto 4?

There are 5 helicopter tours in GTA 4. There is only 1 helicopter tour place in GTA 4 so all 5 helicopter tours are there. It is located at the bottom right of Algonquin.

What is the name of the first Grand Theft Auto for the playstation 2?

Its called Grand Theft Auto III (3)... 1 and 2 are for computer.

Which game has more foul language Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto IV?

grand theft auto 4 cause i have both and niko on GRAND THEFT AUTO IV hed say fark off scum if hed like punch some 1 so niko by far

Is there two players on Grand Theft Auto 3?

no because grand theft auto 3 is a game where 1 person has to beat all the missions

How do you get Grand Theft Auto?

Which Grand Theft Auto. GTA 1 and 2 are at And There are no Demos

How do you get Grand Theft Auto demo?

Which Grand Theft Auto. GTA 1 and 2 are at And There are no Demos

Where to find a hellicopter in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories?

you get a 3 star police star and you get a helicopter attacking you and to get 1 you have to click x+up and r3

What is the serial number of Grand Theft Auto Punjab?


What is the cheat for Grand Theft Auto 1?

hangthedj for everything

Is Grand Theft Auto 1 the most boring Grand Theft Auto?

No it isn't. The 2nd one was fail to the max. The first one was way better but still boring

What rating is Grand Theft Auto 1?

T for teen on the playstation

When did Grand Theft Auto 3 come out?

November 1 2003

Is there a Grand Theft Auto online game?

Yes,there are two: 1.San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP) 2.Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer

Is Grand Theft Auto 4 on psp?

Yes, but not the 4th the first 1.

Where to get Grand Theft Auto 1?

If you do not mind it being used then Game Stop.

Is Grand Theft Auto 2 player?

It's a 1 player game

Best game for PSP?

Easy question, Grand Theft Auto #1! (or #2)

Is grand theft auto 3 2 players?

It's a 1 player game