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Hi. All you need to do is go to Google and type GTA 3 cheats

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โˆ™ 2010-02-12 14:11:35
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Q: How do you find grand theft auto3 cheats codes?
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What are some cheat codes for grand theft auto3?

infinite ammo.2 do this keep on doing all weopon cheat

What is the cheats for Grand Theft Auto vice city?

if you look up,cheats for grand theft auto vice city and go to,grand theft auto:vice city-ps2-cheats,codes and unlocables.please gta vicecity rcon password and seever name

Grand Theft Auto IV all cheats?

Here is the list of cheats. The codes are the same across the PC, PS3, and 360.

What are some easy cheats for Grand Theft Auto 3?

There are many easy cheats for Grand Theft Auto 3. This includes codes such as GUNSGUNSGUNS for more weapons and IFIWEREARICHMAN for unlimited amounts of money.

How do you play a Grand Theft Auto?

all you need is a gun and a phone with helicopter cheats codes!!!

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto sanandras?


Funny cheats for Grand Theft Auto IV?

how to open a bridge on grand theft auto iv cheats

How enter cheat codes in grand theft auto 4 on xbox 360?

You put the cheats in your phone

Can you show all the cheats for Grand Theft Auto 3?

yes tipe grand theft auto cheats ps2

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto psp?

get on a computer and type in gta cheat codes for the psp.puto griffo culero pendejo.

Cheats of Grand Theft Auto 5?

Unknown. Rockstar games has yet to release any information on the New Game. and to be exact it's Grand theft Auto V.All the GTA 5 cheats include walkthroughs and codes for Xbox and PS3.

What are cheats for Grand Theft Auto PS2?

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto PS2 can be found at IGN. These can also be found at GTA San Andreas.

What are the cheats to Grand Theft Auto IV?

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Grand Theft Auto Ballad Of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto Lost And The Damned are at link below.

Can you put grand theft auto iv loss and dammed cheats in grand theft autoiv?

no, sorry

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto?


What are Grand Theft Auto 4 cheat codes for PC?

in grand theft auto

How do you put in cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto?

Use your mobile phone and type in the number given into it and voila! A cheats section will be available from your phone where you will be able to access your cheats

Where can one find GTA 4 cheats?

The best website to find cheats for Grand Theft Auto 4 is without a doubt IGN, they have a comprehensive selection of cheats for many games including Grand Theft Auto 4. Cheats for Grand Theft Auto 4 can also be found in most gaming magazines.

Cheats for grand theft auto 4 ps3?

go to for cheats

What is the cheat to spawn a race car in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Go onyo IGN cheats and go on ps2 cheats then go on GTA and there is loads of cheat codes

All the cheat codes for cars in ps2 Grand Theft Auto sa?

search gta sa cheats then look for car catagorie.

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City stories helicopter cheats for psp?

There are no cheat codes for helicopter in GTA liberty city stories.

Is it safe to save Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with cheats?

no! if you save gta san Andreas the cheat codes you used will be removed.

Are there cheats for Grand Theft Auto 4?


Cheats of Grand Theft Auto?

one of them is monstertruck