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Complete all of stevies car deliveries (30 in total), he will then take any car for a pretty low pay.

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Q: How do you become a car deliver gta 4?
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How do you become an police officer on Grand Theft Auto?

what gta are you talk about if 4 no but in gta vc you can stop a bad guy and kill him then you get 20 or 50 dollars but in gta you can do cops mission if u go to a cop car in every gta game there was and here

Is there a cheat for car floats on water in gta 4?


How do you make car fly in gta 4?

you cant

What is the infernus car cheat for gta 4?

There is no cheat

What car is the turismo in gta 4?

Ferrari F430

Can you get the back to the future car in gta4?

No you can not get the back to the future car for gta 4

How do you make a car fly in gta 4?

Very Carefully

How do you fly car in gta 4 xbox 360?

You Can't.

Can you buy parts for your car in Grand Theft Auto 4?

yes you can buy car parts in gta 4

How to deliver power to 4 tires of a car?

Through the transmission.

How to get Dukes of Hazzard car on gta 4?

It is a car mod. You can only get it on the PC version of the game.

Where can you find a Ruiner in GTA 4?

near the car wash in shottler

What do you get if you complete assassin missions in gta 4?

a new car?i think

Can you get weed in Grand Theft Auto?

i assume gta 4 no u can deliver drugs for Jacob as a little side mission.

How do you shift a car in GTA4?

You do not shift a car in GTA 4, since all cars in the game are automatic.

Can you sell a car on gta 4?

Yes you can, you can sell cars to Stevie after you complete Stevie's car thefts.

When does Stevie text you to get a car for him in GTA 4?

after you complete all the missions for brucie

How do you get the Dukes of Hazzard car in gta 4?

You have to mod it which requires a j tag

How do you become a firefighter on the game GTA 4?

no you cant but you can get a fire truck and pretend

What are the simple native trainer controls for gta 4?

Can you make hydrulics car grand theft 4

How do you get the fastest car?

the fastest car in gta 4 is the turismo. dial 777229000, and call. also, tank is 000990234

What Ferrari in gta iv 4 codes and cheats?

There is no Ferrari in GTA IV. There is a car called the Turismo wich is based on the Ferrari 360

How do you get the police patroit car in gta 4?

You usually get them when you reach a certain "Wanted" level.

Can you get a range rover cheat on gta 4?

No but there is a car that looks like range rover :)

How do you lidicate on a car in gta 4?

You don't have turn signals on GTA4 usable by the player.